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AMANDA CLAYTON: Win's $1M Lottery & Draw's Food Stamp's ... "She Banked It they Yanked It!" A lesson for Washington vs Wall St (MO of YO MONEY PT.5) ... & UPDATE

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Amanda Clayton

This Part 5 of "Mo of Yo Money" will look at a case in the last couple dayz involving Ms. Amanda Clayton in Michigan, who cleared over a half million cash, after the cash payout and taxes on a million buck's she won on the Lottery, continued to draw food stamp assistance, then the state seeing this immediately yanked them!

When I first seen this video ... Me and my son- in- law were busting a gut laughing on this shit this morning! : ) I mean ... wassup with folk's like this with money drawing food stamp's?, after reading up on this, the legislation to stop it was actually based on another Michigan case in 2010 about some Guy that was getting assistance after winning $2 million. I dont know much about how this stuff worx, I never drew any assistance, but know some folk's who have, so only what they tell me ... but I had no idea that you can still draw after you hit the lottery for these amount's ... and who sayz the USA isnt the greatest nation?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

But Amanda ... you sure got folk's knickers in a bind over this, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) I know you didnt do anything illegal first of all (but they may try to get the money back, and try to charge you) ... but wassup? : ) So let me be politically fashionable here and say "Shame on You!!". Some folk's are angry because it make's the welfare/ assistance circle's look like right wing stereotype view's of participant's, and give's assistance programme's a bad rep ... get my drift? But I can guarantee you, similar shit goes on across the nation, this isnt an isolated incident.

Why do I just say "Shame on You"? ... because in Washington when they march CEO's of major bank's and corporation's to the Hill to investigate in front of a panel of Senator's or such ... that's all they do ... drill them verbally for the camera's, then say shame on you ... we cheer like freak's, then they take our money and bail them out to avoid bankruptcy. Now ... If Washington could only act as fast as the State of Michigan acted on Amanda's situation with Wall St and their milking, we would have it made. They acted in only a couple dayz to yank what Amanda banked. In Washington ... we have a ton of stuff on the financial reform bill, that hasnt been addressed ... even one case where the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), hasnt even touched a legislated order by law, that was suppose to address "Excessive Speculatory Trading" and such by January 2011 ... meaning they broke the law/ legislation and right now in March of 2012 ... it still aint addressed!

If the State of Michigan can act this fast and pull the assistance ... why is the fuck Washington so slow to address the excessive milking of Wall St? So I chose this to not be an example of the "wrong" that Amanda done ... but just an example of how full of shit our government is. Politically speaking, as you can see in the video title below ... the right wing will use this to come up with title's like "Leftest Entitlement Syndrome". Maybe some of these GOP candidate's can use Amanda's case to highlight in their debate's or campaign's to talk austerity and reform, eh? I'm not sure which GOP candidate is up this week, I think Santorum or Romney one if I recall right(?), heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Again ... Shame on you Amanda ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

***** Last HuffPost link below is an update to this post, Amanda has died less than a year later

***** CNN/ U.S. : Lawmaker Wants To End Public Assistance To Lottery Winners

Lottery Winner on Food Stamps ... Thanx to THEBILLIAM39

***** HUFFPOST: Amanda Clayton: Death by Being a Lottery Winner ... (newsread update, Amanda died)


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