Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AMERICAN ATHEIST'S & STATE under Attack in 21st Century America (HUMAN MORALITY PT.6)

This Part 6 of the "Human Morality" series is to highlight a growing American group of folk's that are basically tired of hearing that their insignificant in our society and want some equal ground's on their own choice of belief's I reckon ... after all ... they also have "value's" like anyone else. I cant blame them either ... I mean ... there has been a total disrespect for this group of people and almost no one has been reckonizing it, and Mr. Silverman below make's some great point's, especially when it come's to these stupid political campaign's, that at time's almost entirely ignore grave issue's and focus on the candidate's belief's or value's.

We have this almost endless relentless asskissing and support for even religious value's of some religion's that is just supporting irrational behaviour and degrading to people as well based on gender, sex, culture, other religious affiliation's, etc ... basically nowhere bitching and endless conflict's. This is importante now, because over the last few year's I have seen way too much of this being incorporated into our govenment and politic's ... and THAT is NOT American Value's at all. These people are NOT trying to tell ANYONE what they should believe ... they are just a lil sick and tired of being put down because they dont follow someone else's code who is larger, more powerful and has more money than they need to waste on their agenda's and force feeding American's their value's of what ever cult they may belong to. Enough from me on this ... Mr. Silverman point's out enough.

Atheists in US demanding religious equality ... Thanx to RTAMERICA



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