Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ONTARIO COURT to "Ban the Ban" on "Madam & Adam" (AMERICA'S PROSTITUTE'S PT.3)

This Part 3 of "America's Prostitute's" will look at what's an importante move in providing safer condition's for worker's in the sex industry in our neighboring North American/ Canadian State/ Province(s) of Ontario and Canada. This isnt as far as many would like this to go, but it is a step in the right direction ... and will face of course opposition ... but it put's at least a break in the ban chain. And many in the trade are at least pleased with this move and direction ... it's a start.

Back when I worked and stayed in a Montreal brothel (as in Part 1) it was all illegal any way you slice it, and also there was pay- off's that had to be made under the table and it didnt guarantee you a thing as far as safety or anything else ... you basically paid to get tipped off if you were going to be targeted for a raid, the inde gal's and those who had a Mack (man/ pimp) working the street were totally on their own, or at the mercy and order's of their man, period ... if you went solo and didnt have a man ... you were vulnerable to getting raped usually once a month at least in some fashion and/ or getting robbed for your money having client's forcefully take it back, after they had their pleasure session filled ... and you couldnt complain to no one, period. And it's fact that working an indoor is far better and safer than the street, especially in these time's!

Also let me add that this hysteria that it will make all of the sudden folk's want to become sex worker's is nonsense ... like any other "trade" ... everyone doesnt want to jump on the same wagon in any trade and/ or profession ... and just because it may sound like it's a cake walk trade ... like any other business, it has it's up's and down's and bad dayz, period. I'll just leave it at that and spare the reader any detail's in this post, but it's not a "cake walk" or slacker trade by any stretch either!

You didnt have HIV/ AIDS back then, but there was still plenty of more common type STD's and usually most who were solo alwayz got one or the other. Even those brothel's like I was in had to worry about banking the revenue's too, such as how account's were set up and through who or you could use safety deposit boxes or rathole in your privacy ... so even your money wasnt secure alwayz. I think that many worker's would like to have a ligit business, where you pay taxes like anyone else in business, you get treated as your are supposed to be as a citizen and one with a trade, be able to get that legal protection, and medical atencion when needed and on a regular basis ... it's all around good for the entire community. I myself am more in favour of system's like The Netherlands or Germany ... but anything at this point is a decent step toward's better system ... especially in North America.

***** CTV NEWS: Ontario Appeal Court Decriminalizes Brothels

Canada Court Decriminalises Sex Work ... Thanx to ALJAZEERAENGLISH



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