Monday, March 5, 2012

IRAVIA COTTON/ RACHEL JOHNSON & Fellow Girl Scout's FIGHT BACK "Cookie Cash Crook's" who Robbed Them (SELF DEFENSE PT.7)

(left to right) Rachel Johnson & Iravia Cotton

Part 7 of the "Self Defense" series will be to honour Ms. Iravia Cotton, Ms. Rachel Johnson and their fellow Girl Scout's on their attempt to stop and fight back the thug's that robbed them of about $200 of their Girl Scout Cookie money outside a Houston area store ... and I am familiar with this area, it's a nicer area. Understand also the reason they attack/ prey on those in nicer area's is because it's easier to score/ robb, less heat/ cop's/ patrol's/ deployment's, etc ... and rarely happen's.

But this is about as low and cowardly a thief can get ... the kind that dont even deserve the title of "thief" ... the kind that you would love them to come into County Bullpen (jail) lockdown with you, just to pick a fight with! ... the bottom of the barrel.

Scout Iravia Cotton proved to be heroic with her fellow Scout's on this, even though they were unable to get their money back, when she hit one of the suspect's in the face, they actually tried to drag her body and run over her, running over her friend's hand who fell as well. This happened 5 year's back or so up here in Dallas too .. same MO, same type area's, and repeated offenses by Dallas area suspect's. They are the Girl Scout's you see outside your neighborhood market's selling cookies, I even buy GS cookies from them. My 8 year old granddaughter want's to be a GS ... I feel tempted to take her out on the gun range young to learn how to carry and use.

But BIG Congrat's to Iravia, Rachel and fellow Girl Scout's!

***** WFAA.COM: Houston- area Girl Scouts try to fight off cookie money bandits (video and newsread)

***** CYPRESS CREEK MIRROR: Houston- area Girl Scouts learn sad lesson about trust, safety after brazen cookie money robbery



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