Sunday, March 4, 2012

SHELL NIGERIA & THE U.S. SUPREME COURT: "People" or "Non- People", State Sanctioned Murder ? (Deceptive Influence's of CORPORATE NEO- COMMUNISM PT.3)

Part 3 here of this "Corporate neo- Communism" will look at another case up in the Supreme Court dealing with corporate oil being simply responsible for their actions. Again ... someone can probably look at similar postings in this journal, and assume that I must be an anti- corporate, anti- capitalist and communist son- of- a- bitch ... and if so, you would simply have to read deeper within other postings. Or my "Global Warming" series may make one think that I must be against big oil, without reading the entirety or deeper ... all far from true, I as well wrote in the earliest parts of this journal about this same conflict of interests to form in this part of Africa too, because of the corruption, oil, and retaliation (popularly called "terror"). I dont feel asking for a little transparency, fairness, guidelines to how any business large or small is ran, as being anti- anything, I know there are many corporations out there that are great ... I also realize how much petro companies spend in technologies and development, investments and employing workers, but nothing is a one way street or free ride, eh? I mean ... that's just basic rules of the game ... you pay to play, eh?

At the same time though, I get sick of this phony neo- conservatism ratholing shit, and the rest that tries to buy and privatize the entire globe and be the government, after all, out of the same mouths they say they want "less governing" ... I mean ... which the fuck is it, eh? These constant scare tactics about if we dont support this shit, we will all fail and spend eternity in soup kitchen lines, "it's the end" etc, etc. So much of the growth in Texas came from some of these entities, and it's appreciated ... yet at the same time, I am so confident in our 21st century economy that we can today stand equally strong and still boom with business without ya'll ... so lighten the fuck up ... we dont need you as much as you need us, eh? I also realize that big oil didnt inspire this case directly, but my concern is the influence they have flexed on our top court bench and with our representation. Actually I am so pro- energies and business, I would like to see 100X times the companies and business, yet smaller, more eco- conscious/ friendly, green- tech, etc ... you know ... like "real competition?"... not a rigged casino. In Prof. Feldman's Bloomberg piece below, according to Justice Alito, he sayz something like "What business does a case like that have in U.S Court's?" ... well it's simple Sir ... the same interest's as it has in determining if these entities are "people" or "non- people", as Prof. Feldman talk's about in the video ... after all, they love calling themselves "citizens that are united" ... and this retaliation you combat is indirectly caused in these nation's by western corruption and intervention, eh? So you see my point.

Is "murder" (and torture) not murder and such? If you're a mega corporation, are you a good murderer, and your opponent's (those you "have" murdered) "evil murderer's"? In the law of the jungle, there's no special rules wrote for you ... after all ... ya'll want to be united as and with citizens, and certainly want us to abide by rules/ laws and guidelines.

***** BLOOMBERG/ VIEW: Shell Nigeria case puts Court in foreign territory : Noah Feldman


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