Friday, March 30, 2012


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Alan Northrop

Part 12 of the "Incarcerated American" series is to highlight the case of wrongful conviction and the man fell victim to this ... Mr. Alan Northrop. And this case and what Mr. Northrop has faced is about as unjustified and wrong as it get's in our democracy. No doubt that this happen's all over the nation, Texas and Dallas County probably being about the worst in the country ... but what make's this Washington case so disgusting, is what the man had to face, once he was exonerated! 17 year's incarcerated, and a father ... get's exonerated and found inncocent, doesnt even get an apology ... enter's the freeworld with nothing basically, beside's what he earned for his slave labour so many state's take advantage of (bout a half dollar an hour), then slapped with a back child support bill of $111, 000, with a job a lil over $10 buck's an hour to try to pay it and make end's meet. But ... the man isnt whining over spilt milk, being so busy just trying to catch up with what was taken from the man, doing the right thing and getting his life and familia together.

I didnt even know that the State of Washington though had NO compensation at ALL for this type of what I consider a crime against him and not a dime for his wrongfully imposed time. I just cant even understand this any way I try to twist my thinking to. Even in the State of Texas ... the compensation is as far as I know, the best in the nation ... in Texas, you get about $80K per year incarcerated, an additional $25K per year for any probation and/ or parole (community supervision) time served in the freeworld, child support compensation, as well as higher education/ college tuition. What I see here in the State of Washington is incredible. Just as disgusting is that folk's are actually debating and so forth whether Mr. Northrop should even get compensated for wrongful conviction? ... are they goddamn kidding? is there really any question in anyone's mind with even half a brain?!

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Innocent Man spent 17 years in Prison ... Thanx to CNN



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