Monday, March 26, 2012

TRAYVON MARTIN Homicide Case (PT.1): ... A Look at "Self Defense" gone FOUL ... & Update's (SELF DEFENSE PT.9)

Trayvon Martin

Part 9 of the "Self Defense" series will look at the murder/ homicide of Trayvon Martin. This case is a total mess across the board and I have read and viewed quite a bit on this over the last few dayz. The misery of Mr. Martin's parent's I cant even imagine as a parent, it also fuel's an old fire of fear that has ran rampant in black american communities, where so many kid's fear they are not only target's, but again reinforcing the old timer's stories of the rotten past race relation's of this country that their parent's had to experience, and again ... being targeted based on common teen fashion wear/ hoodies, just like the baggie pant's witch hunt , added the timing being of a time of excessive police brutality and use of force , it show's the incompetence of police investigation's, and make's self defense and standing your ground look awful, amongst other issue's that will stem from this ... and whatever the outcome of this case is now ... it will serve as precedent for so many cases in the future. This is also not a solo incident either ... these type's of situation's and death's happen across the nation. Some read and video below, then some word's I will add.

***** CNN/ JUSTICE (Update): Zimmerman told police teen punched him before fatal shooting ... this is new just added today Monday 26 March 2012 ... if there is any validity to this first reported statement and crime scene evidence gathered after the incident ... being "thoroughly" checked and proven through investigative and forensic crew's ... this is almost certainly a justified self defense homicide also anyway you slice it according to law. If you disagree that it was based on this finding ... then your saying that a person should wind up dead or completely physically unable, before even questioning if their life is in danger, period ... and you cant have it both wayz. The thing is ... I dont have proof that this is yet solid, and Martin dont seem to have any kind of history whatsoever that would make you suspect he done this. This is why this whole thing is a confusing mess! I am saying that if this was happening to me and I was having my head repeatedly smashed into the ground/ pavement, a broken nose bleeding, and from my head as another injury, and seen that I was physically overpowered, I have no doubt in my mind, that my "life" is in "danger", and would have most likely shot the person doing this to me if I had a weapon for defense, or even a knife ... I would have tried to stab him to kill or at least stop it.

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***** NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Trayvon Martin Case: Friends come to George Zimmerman's defense, saying he's not racist, 'fear's for his life': Report

***** CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Trayvon Martin case: US could bring hate crime charge against George Zimmerman

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First of all I question just how thorough the initial investigation was, and how much influence did the "self defense" law's have on the lack thereof of such? Also, even if the firearm Mr. Zimmerman was using was ligit and legal? I'm not sure either if he had a concealed carry permit, or how the Florida law work's on that ... in Texas for instance you have a law that enable's even a person without a concealed carry permit have a firearm in their car if they are travelling, but there is also limitation's to how it can be carried too. I mean ... from what I gather, these community watch dog type's are not supposed to even carry firearm's, also it is constantly taught that you are not suppose to chase down a suspect like such, especially when you have police on the phone and they remind you not to. Also, being in self defense of yourself say at home or on your property is alot different too, when you are on the street like such, and you are not representing defensively yourself only, but the community as a whole, with the position/ duty you took. He was self appointed captain? ... I dont quite understand that.

Looking at what history of the suspect (Zimmerman) ... I have no reason to even think he was a racist ... however ... I also reckonize that there are more than one type of racist ... example being that you have the typical racist who just hate's folk's of color outright and would act in violence against a person of color, then you have those who may not condone violence, but sure as Hell will limit their contact with anyone of color, then you have the type's that are isolated from people of color as far as socializing and the communties they live in, that jump in suspicion or fear everytime they may see a teen of color dressed a certain way, without knowing a thing about the person. So I cant say if age, sex, race may have played a factor. I also feel that maybe "both" the victim and the suspect may have felt intimidated by each other meeting like this, being that if the broken nose and head wound is ligit on the suspect ... the victim Mr. Martin may have also felt he was acting in self defense, and not knowing that Mr. Zimmerman was packing a piece/ gun ... I mean, if Mr. Martin would have seen a firearm, it is unlikely that he would have struck Zimmerman, even if he was taller than Zimmerman. Much has to also be questioned of the initial investigation on this, is because the victim Martin is a squeaky clean kid, no prior history of action or violence, so I have to question as well, if the wound's on Zimmerman may have been self inflicted after the fact, basic medical analysis could have determined that in a heartbeat ... so "how" thorough was the intitial investigation?

This incident was just sudden and spontaneous, so it's possible both acted like such being defensive on each other ... Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend who told him to run ... that's a no- no in a private community when being questioned, but both Martin and his girlfriend are too young to even think like that, they are both reacting as well ... like inexperienced kid's only. On the other hand some question what the kid was doing in the community? BUT, from what I gather, it is also public street's, so the victim Martin was in no violation I can see of even citatable trespassing law's, and "criminal trespassing" can only be citated "if" the suspect has been previously "warned" by citation or verbally from either property owner and/ or law enforcement to "not" be on the property, being the second time after "that" warning able to be citated for such. It's also common as example for us as kid's to take shortcut's , I remember myself as a kid even jumping folk's fences constantly on private individual properties just taking shortcut's and even jumping from one roof to another and using fire- escape's, etc ... in inner city area's like New York. On another hand from what I read on the suspect Zimmerman ... there is not a snowball's chance in Hell that I would want his type to represent my community as a watch dog captain, if I knew the man. It doesnt matter if he hasnt been arrested ... all his trait's and past action's show that he was a gung- ho type ... and one that may have also been anxious for action, period. I seen his type so many time's ... also trying too much to be a Dick Tracy or hero ... just the 40+ call's in one year on this duty from a community like such tell's you that his suspicion ran a lil high and also probably his adrenaline, the call's were made to a 911 emergency line, not the watch commander/ instructor who train's/ brief's those in the programme ... thus meaning this gated community must have exceptional high crime or that Zimmerman jump's the gun too quick. It's one thing to question a person of interest, and maybe even get verbally cocky or angry, it's another thing to pull a firearm and start shooting ... therefore exhibiting a lack of discipline and tolerance. And if the victim Martin did actually assault him ... he just automatically thought that deadly force was justified, I mean, the law is written as so. The fact also that Zimmerman after the incident didnt think much about it being questionable, or else he would have fled or tried to cover something else.

I had a job for a few year's not long back doing security work, which gave me a lil experience/ insight, I was offered the job and wasnt self appointed or had previous experience and I also had a criminal background/ record, but city street's and related were something that I knew too, as why I was offered it. We had so many inde security, undercover police as well as contract moonlighting police working there, commissioned and non- commissioned security as well. The kind of incident Mr. Zimmerman faced was common almost nightly where I worked though, I worked a nightclub/ entertainment and restaraunte neighborhood in the inner city (Uptown Dallas/ West Village) ... the alert/ awareness, crime, and size made this community look like kiddie play and slow, hundred's of young intoxicated people and other's blanketed it, especially on friday and saturday night's, lover's quarrel's, suicide's, assault's, car break in's, purse snatching's, street and club drug dealing, etc, were a typical busy night ... a guy like Zimmerman wouldnt last a weekend in an enviroment like I was in ... and should have easily been "made" in such a small close knit community, and been rejected to be watch dog captain. I have no doubt looking at his profile/ history ... he would have shot someone too quick ... all his trait's are there. As far as "profiling" is concerned ... everyone has to "profile" ... even especially if your on the wrong side of the law ... profiling on race, sex, or even dressing wont cut it ... you cant survive without profiling or be efficient though, thing's on the street move quick ... Zimmerman's action's in such a laid back community are overboard. Example of profiling and a night on the job here (see last 4 paragraph's) .

Regardless of how nice, multicultural and loving Mr. Zimmerman was ... he sure as Hell was elected, approved, or self appointed to do the wrong job, it's clear as day even if he wouldnt have been in the news for this, I could meet this guy face to face based on what I read/ see and know that he lacked the needed discipline and tolerance, experience and knowledge to act efficiently ... and know that he would fuck up somewhere in time, I mean the guy also tried to be a cop from what I read ... why was he declined? I'm not trying to say he's an evil racist or anything ... I'm saying that he is just a fuck up for a position like he was in, and unfortunately no one made that until this kid Martin ended up dead ... and the local police tolerating this 911 suspicion call's over and over tell's me that someone in the department aint doing their job or getting the point across of what 911 is for.

Enough for now ....

***** POST NOTE (Monday 26 March 2012): Basically what the victim's familia and citizen's want here is simply the arrest of Zimmerman and a thorough investigative process, law enforcement said based on the law of "standing your ground" or whatever, that that's not possible ... however, my point here is simply that if there isnt yet solid evidence that the investigation was thorough and/ or proper grand jury proceedure's rejected to prosecute Zimmerman ... there should be enough on ground's for an arrest of Zimmerman to be made at least, until this can be hashed out with conclusive evidence to present or related. It is also in Zimmerman's defense that arresting him would jeopardize his safety because of the threat's he received and bounty placed on him, but he can also on these ground's be detained in "protective custody" ... I dont know much about the "New" Black Panther Party, beside's I heard year's back that they were not connected to the original Black Panther Party and was basically a well armed citizen's militia group headquartered out of Dallas (TX) ... the Southern Poverty Law Center call's them a "racist" and "anti- semetic" group as well ... that is basis itself for protective custody, and the fact that the "hate crime" motive is still in an investigative state whether it's state or federal, should be sufficient ground's at least for detainment of Zimmerman.




Beach Bum said...

I cannot believe something like this is going on in 2012 America. I heard today certain "fact" somehow were leaked out that Trayvon broke Zimmerman's nose in a fight that night.

Hell, if some huge white guy kept come after me when I was only walking down the street I'd fight back as well.

Ranch Chimp said...

This is exactly why Bum, that I was pointing out a scenario where they may have been "both" in defense of each other ... this is one of the most confusing piece's that I had to sift through, and also having no video (which we have became so dependent on these dayz) make's it difficult with limited witness testimony and one party dead ... but as far as size also Bum ... the victim was taller than the shooter too. I havent a clue yet how this will swing, but still think that there need's to be way further investigation and see no problemo with at least detaining Zimmerman based on what I said in my post- note.

Thanx for your input here Bud ....