Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DR. RICHARD DAWKINS (PT.2): Phoney Figure's For POLITICALLY PIUS(ed) & BIASED Prosperities (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.3)

This is just 5 minute's from Dr. Dawkins on some figure's that are to the point on more political manipulation, manipulating the religious sector, and morning breakfast for thought. This of course is in the UK, however ... I have suspected for many year's that there is also a similarity in these phoney mainstream figure's in the USA. But the reason for this posting is because recently there has been talk from a couple of these Presidential candidate's and their supporter's, that have been getting irrational and a lil out of hand over this politically manufactured battle against contraceptive's, abortion, women and gay's rights issue's, etc (what little right's any of them have) ... so ... if that has to do with 21st century America, coming and being dictated from an ancient Middle Eastern creed (that hasnt a thing to do with 21st century America), this should be as well a concern what Dr. Dawkins talk's about here, because it serve's the time's, in all nation's of democracy as well.

The question here is ... what do people really believe and truely support, and just to what extent do the "majority" of American's want religion to dominate their governing body? ... after all ... do you really need political religious dictation to tell you "what" you should believe and/ or support, how you should practice your belief, or to even believe in a "higher power"? ... and who make's these figure's that are spoonfed to us? I seriously doubt that most American's in especially these trying time's want to turn back the clock on folk's right's, regardless of what denomination of religion they may embrace, especially on basic right's that work in our society ... we should focus more on the thing's that DONT work, eh? ... like our political dysfunctionality and incompetence.

These biased and piused so called "leader's" alwayz use these distraction's, and hardly get any result's to the real need's of economic's, job's, the people, etc in our nation, that actually benefit "us" ... instead, distracting everyone and trying to get folk's at each other's throat's and creating issue's out of thing's that are part of American society today, trying to twist, change, and reduce/ suppress more basic necessities and right's (and YES, contraceptive's and the related are a "vital" necessity in our 21st century society, as well as "marriage right's" for ALL citizen's). They alwayz pull this shit also when time's get tough, and election's are around the corner.

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Chrissy, FNP said...

This speaks to EXACTLY what is going on and I hope (and yes pray) that many wake up and stop the road of turning BACK the clock on the rights that yes are rightly part of America in the 21st Century!!!! One as a Texans should be or become more involved/aware as the political elite have lost Women's Healthcare services a lot of federal dollars very recently all because Planned Parenthood was removed from being a womens' health care provider.

Ranch Chimp said...

I heard some stuff about this and how insanely (in my opinion) these law's have gotten, I say insane because it's a simple issue twisted politically and made complex for no reason at all over morality issue's again. Thanx for your input.

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