Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PRIMUS: "Tommy The Cat", "My Name Is Mud", & "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver"

This induction posting for "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" goes to Primus , for just outstanding work and creativity. This is another crew that has more genre categories it fall's into than usual ... I mean ... funk fusion metal, alternative rock, experimental, etc ... and to me personally I alwayz looked at them I reckon as a type of progressive/ alternative jazz fusion sound(?), although that may sound strange to some Jazz Fusion lover's, I hear alot of that influence though as well.

When I seen this band was during the early 1990's in a small venue down in Houston, and what a suprise to me of their "live" performance! The band is just so tight in their particular style, and I credit much also to Mr. Les Claypool on bass, and most bass guitar's I seen in them dayz were strictly 4 stringed ... so this was a treat, especially being highlighted the way it was taking a lead role, with his smooth original pattern's, clean sound, just really a great show across the board, yet blending so nicely with outstanding guitar and percussion's ... but yes, their kind of "funky" I reckon too : ) Below a few favourite's I found searching all the great stuff offered on YouTube while looking for some of the creme of their crop! Enjoy ....

Primus- Tommy The Cat ... Thanx to PRIMUSVEVO

Primus- My Name Is Mud- Live 1997 (St.Goarshausen, Germany) ... Thanx to Doctor Feelgood & Mz. Hyde

Primus- Jerry Was A Race Car Driver live MTV Halloween Part. mpg (1991) Thanx to THETHAWR



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