Thursday, March 22, 2012

TEXAS SONOGRAM LAW, Contraceptive's & The "Resurrection of Idiocy" in The "LONE BAR STATE" (HUMAN MORALITY PT.5)

This Part 5 of the "Human Morality" series will be to highlight the new Texas Sonogram Law, which is past due since just about every media has been all over this, but this sudden posting is because of this posting at Infidel753 blog that I was viewing yesterday that led me to another blog and article (article below in the "Texas Observer" piece) that is importante for not just Texan's to read, but also for other American's, because this type of law is a slippery slope thing basically that is even being tried I heard in other state's as well. There has already been quite a bit of bitching in Texas over this law ... and to compound the bitching this new battle over contraceptive's funding , which I mainly ignored because it was just so complex trying to understand who is who and what purpose/ reason are all these new morality inspired code's being driven so hard serve? ... I mean, dont even begin to tell me this is all about saving lives, women's health, tight budget's, or other nonsense.

And I can understand alot of guy's not getting attracted to these subject's concerning basic women's issue's, but we guy's have wives, girlfriend's, daughter's etc in our lives and these basic necessities are part of 21st century America/ Texas. Dallas County Hospital's budget alone is belt busting with the highest baby delivery count in the nation, and so many are even children with no father, that werent planned, some with defect's that stem from the mother being severely addicted to drug's in some cases I seen where babies are premature, and barely holding on, hooked up to medical equipment to survive the suffering the new born is going through, etc ... and from research I done year's back when witnessing this first hand led me to find out that in some cases, the cost was like a half million dollar's for a year to keep the new born alive, you have teen/ child pregnancies, rape, incest, broken home's, father's that cant be accounted for or just run away, etc, etc ... this is 21st century America, and some of the challenge's it face's. As far as I'm concerned, there should also be government funding in Texas for abortion service's as well, and all contraceptive's across the board to those in need of such, who cannot afford it.

But Yes ... fella's need to also support our women in this nation from this social, political cult virus that plague's our women and children. I mean, I'm not a "feminist" or anything, but there is actually a kind of war going on in this state as well as America on women's right's and issue's that is specifically targeted at their "sex" alone, as I wrote here as well in this Part 5 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series , in this case even victim's of "rape" being trampled on by Texas court's ... and a child at that! I mean, instead of being the traditional "Lone Star State", we are becoming the "Lone Bar State" on some of this. I never had any issue with a woman's choice to do what is in everyone's interest when it come's to her body, familia, etc ... I live and let live ... being a man and having lived a free life as much as anyone could want and having a consistently active sex life for so many year's, I myself have depended on these contraceptive's and health service's, I mean without them, I would be into such a mess today financially and otherwise because of my activity. I have even depended on simple condom's as a teenager, this is part of my life and liberty as an American.

The video below with Yoest and Keenan is almost unbelievable, as far as even having to debate such a thing, especially with the sugar- coating about health and protecting women that Ms. Yoest is putting on it, geeezz ... these method's and practice's arent even used by surgeon's with their patient's ... Hell ... it would put medical professional's out of business, and have a ripple effect that would be more detrimental to the patient's mental and physical health for that matter. So this that Yoest is talking about is entirely bullshit, this is all politically motivated and mostly today moved in a slithering way by this new conservative movement ... I use the word "new", because I too am conservative on several thing's like economic's, defense and so forth, and this conservatism today is not true conservativism ... it is strongly only dictated by big money and corporation's who use religion's and social media's in politic's to drive these issue's and proposal's, more basically what I would also call a type of neo communism of sort. The hypocrisy is unbelievable alone ... these are folk's that constantly say that they want government to stay out of folk's personal lives and business ... what in Hell would you call this?

I also have by todayz standard's a fairly large familia and one that I came from too, most of my familia/ kin folk are Catholic's too, they have value's, faith and the rest ... yet many depend also on these basic service's and necessities ... so this posting is not to attack anyone's value's or belief's ... this is to be aware of what is happening and to protect what liberties we have as tax paying American's. This is nothing but a waste of our time and politic's, damaging to our democracy, damaging to the medical industry and professional's businesses, degrading to our women, and just a resurrection of idiocies. And rest assured this rubbish WILL be challenged in the court's, left and right, from BOTH the left and right and any American and Texan with half a brain ... who value's and embrace's what freedom, liberty, choice, they do have. This new neo conservative cult sub culture that has infected this great state will also get challenged in the long run ... you can bank on it!

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Truth 101 said...

This also shows the lack of balls from the panderers to the right wing tea bagging cult. When will a Mitch McConnell type finally say enough of this horseshit?

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I agree with you on that Truth!!

Thanx for your input here Joe ....