Saturday, March 24, 2012

TAX REFUND ROBBERY in America 2012: Sign's of The Time's and Change of The Crime's ... To KEEP IN MIND (MO of YO MONEY PT.6)

This Part 6 of the "Mo of Yo Money" series will look at one of the lowest type's of crime against the American People, and doesnt come from Wall St or even corruption in politic's ... and actually both of them are victim's here as well. We have become so loose with our information, especially financial info and not secured enough yet with our growing advanced technologies and liberties to even safeguard yet against so much in our new info technology era. This is why I also have pointed out in this journal especially a need for more cyber crime investigating as well ... which will come in just a matter of time ... but in the meantime, it is so importante to do everything possible and think twice or even 3X time's with every transaction online and everytime you just casually give out your social security number's, bank info, etc. I myself actually hand write out my income tax for instance and use the U.S. Mail (snailmail) to mail it, as example ... I avoid doing anything I can online, including using my email for ANYTHING personal, and when I have purchased online, I used money order's only to do any business. I only been online for 4 year's now, and dont know much about computer's for that matter ... so I know how vulnerable I am.

But it's not just online you can get robbed ... even those industries we use have insider's connected to these identity theft crime's, etc ... basically, you have to be on guard now especially more, wherever you do any business, even your own doctor's office for that matter. I chose a couple piece's below to take a look at this, and Thanx to these media's for covering this for us. Some of this is about as low as one who strongarm's some senior citizen on the street and robb's them of their social security check ... or those financial inde establishment predator's that take advantage of our troop's familia's/ spouses while they are overseas on active duty ... this is just the lowest end of thievery ... this is America's hard earned tax dollar's and because of our easy going government/ IRS.

***** CNN/ U.S.: IRS policies help fuel Tax Refund Fraud, officials say

***** THE MORNING CALL: Woman looking for drugs robbed of Income Tax Refund money, Allentown Police say

***** CBS/ KATHY KRISTOF: Tax refund theft is nation's fastest- growing fraud




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