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DR. JACK KEVORKIAN: Right To LIFE Mean's a Right To DIE!! & Doctor Assisted Suicide (HUMAN MORALITY PT.4) In Memory of Mom & Richard

This PART 4 of the "Human Morality" series, will be to honour Dr. Jack Kevorkian , and a dedicated posting to 2 that I loved ... my friend Richard (Dick) and my mother (Mary). This for many is a tough subject, but it is also one of those that many dont like to think about either, another issue heavily influenced by our morality written code's. When you are the one facing the misery, pain, suffering and face to face with the Grim Reaper, there isnt much to debate as far as legalities and law book moralities, your natural right's and natural self morality and instinct's kick in for most. Even though this is another past due posting, it was inspired suddenly the other night, while I relived in a dream the last dayz with my mother in her despair and suffering and pain, I woke crying again. An interview and some read on the doctor below, then some word's I want to add after.

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Anderson Cooper 360: 2010 Kevorkian Admits Helping Dozens Die ... Thanx to CNN

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Dr. Kevorkian was criminalized and imprisoned like many other's throughout history for helping people and doing what is naturally right, and also has had his share of criticism. Those he helped end their lives and the families who supported him and had to experience this horrid misery of suffering have their own reason's, regardless of what is popular or not ... for me he would be a hero for what he done.

Out of several close to me that have died, nothing stand's out more probably than my Mom and Richard ... both had horrid ending's caught in red tape and morality, legalities, right/ wrong, etc, etc. I myself never even thought of suicide for myself for any reason, even once when I had an accident and was bleeding internally and told my chance's were not good ... I still had my animalistic will to survive/ live and struggle to do so. But I never was in a situation of this kind of misery these two faced either.

My Mom was in the hospital for an infection that entered her bloodstream through a wound, she was not old, just neglected doing what doctor's advised though, she didnt like seeing the doctor's much either : ) This infection went viral throughout her system through her blood and into her organ's quickly, she was hospitalized for a couple week's and in ICU, I was going back and forth to see her over 1000 miles away. The last week of her life she asked me to stay by her side as much as possible, she asked me because she never got to spend much time with me in my young year's since I was alwayz moving around ... unlike my younger brother who was more of a stationary type guy, as far as home, school, depending on parent's, etc,  where I was very hard to keep home, inside, or even in school for that matter, my brother even told me that my mom used to worry so much about me, because no one could find me most of the time. I promised her I would stay by her side as much as needed through this, even if I have to spend a night in the chair by her bedside, period ... I loved my mom, but was a very restless kid and young man, which kept me sort of mobile and away.

My mom was the last person to even think of anything like suicide and wanting to die, she was a suvivor type all the way, but during her last dayz, she increasingly was asking for it to be over, the misery and pain, etc, etc was that bad, and her health and physical being was deteriorating rapidly from the infection and multiple thing's it caused, the sight is difficult to describe here for me, because it's a part that I dont like to remember. When I did talk to a doctor about her talking like this, he said that she was thinking irrational of course because of the drug's being IV fed into her or whatever, etc ... you know what I mean ... basically any time when someone think's and talk's out of the mainstream pop culture, they have a "disorder", another popular term of our bullshit societal value's and thinking. But they looked at this also technically as people thinking of death and suicide, and of course a doctor's main ethic's rely on the idea of living no matter what, and of course saving patient's ... in some cases this become's more of a burden and/ or punishment to the patient as well, so this is a difficult situation.

I found myself in a difficult situation myself, I tried to stay strong for my mom, but couldnt be that strong, leaving her side to go in the bathroom to cry so she wouldnt see me and lose hope ... I tried to do and say all the "right" thing's, despite her misery. So that's why when it come's also to mainstream thought and doing the "right" thing, or political correctness, etc ... it's another reason why I dont give a shit much about it or the mass response of how to act.

Finally after this slow long struggle, my mom's life and body just gave out and died and then all the "living" medical provider's feel relief who's been working doing their part ... and of course everybody patting each other on the back for their effort's, etc, etc ... we call this "human compassion" in our twisted mindset and self centered way of thought, one of the most shocking part's was the huge medical bill that my dad received after, for various part's and thing's that insurance didnt cover, and we all know how fucked up insurance is and the whole systematic process in this nation for million's.

My friend Richard (Dick) was a different situation ... his wife left him because of his drinking and that just made him drink more, then he isolated himself staying in the house drinking himself till he passed out over his grand piano (he was also a musician and played jazz and classical piano, as well as tutored it). Every couple dayz I started to drop in on him now worrying about his drinking and self neglect ... the doctor told him he had liver damage, and refused to go back to his appointment's, etc. I had to talk to his doctor on the side, because Dick didnt want to talk about it. One day I went by week's later, he was slouched over his piano key's and barely breathing ... I made him get up by force, he refused and resisted me to go to the hospital, I had to force him and actually put him on my back despite him with what little strength he had trying to resist me. I didnt like going against his will, but my instinct's just made me take him by force, because I was worried he would die.

Well after a few dayz in ICU ... his organ's, not just the liver started failing, he was suffering just trying to even keep breathing, and was really in misery despite the drug's being injected into him, psychologically ... he pulled me toward's his face, when we were alone squeezing my hand and whispered that he want's it to end (to die) ... looking in my eye's, he said "Please Tommy ... Help Me" ... again, I became weak and not having anything of my usual boost of confidence to say ... I felt hurt, helpless, and was lost for word's and a solution ... telling his brother and sister what he said ... they of course wanted to only hope and pray, and were otherwise speechless, the doctor's went through the usual routine and injected everything they could and hooked up such to keep him going as long as they could ... eventually his body just shut down.

I for this and other reason's support those medical professional's like Dr. Kevorkian who are able to help a person end their life with the least amount of misery or pain, because there is no other option but misery, suffering and death. I feel like a person's right to die is as much as a right to live ... and feel these professional's are needed, since there is no other professional help.

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Murr Brewster said...

I believe with all my heart that humans should be allowed to be helped to die humanely if that is what they choose. The law we have here in Oregon, Death With Dignity, is good, but it doesn't go far enough, and it can't, in this political climate. I understand people's revulsion at this, but I do not agree.

Infidel753 said...

Forcing people in such conditions to stay alive and suffer is monstrous cruelty and shows no respect for individual choice. And of course almost all objections to the right to a merciful death are rooted in the same thing that is the source of most cruelty and misery -- religious taboos.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Murr! Actually Oregon is a lil ahead of the nation on alot of issue's ... I think more and more folk's are questioning alot, which is a good sign in these time's. It's a tad difficult for some to say what they would do in this type situation unless they actually had to experience it too.

Thanx for your voice here Murr, and have a good un ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodell ... and I couldnt have worded it better as far as when you talk about "religious taboo's", I mean ... were a lil too religiously fashionable without addressing the harsh realities. As far as your pointing out that it's "monstrous" cruelty ... that's about it ... the experience for the victim's of this feel it.

Thanx for your nput here Infodell ....