Friday, March 9, 2012

GUN'S, HOLSTER'S, & FASHION FOR WOMEN from "Falia's Freedom Journal" (Self Defense PT. 8)

Part 8 of the "Self Defense" series of this journal will highlight "Falia's Freedom Journal" and her video's that focus on self defense, concealed weapon's and so forth for women. I started following her vid's on YouTube at least a year now, while browsing some of the great stuff on there for the related. She does good presentation's and has a really nice selection of arm's, holster's, and tip's.

Of course being the father of daughter's/ granddaughter also, I am kind of protective of them ... but also many women around town and the neighborhood know how much I have stressed self defense due to the issue's and vulnerability of gal's in today's urban enviroment's as well. I met several ladies over the year's, who feel almost like, you cant carry a concealed weapon without restricting your wear or fashion ... this is so untrue, you can still be even fashionable as well as casual for that matter. So I chose this video below of Falia's in particular to highlight here.

I also recommend here , which is her journal called "Falia's Freedom Journal" , and she also has over 40 YouTube video's you can link to below.

Concealed Carry Holsters & Outfits For Women ... Thanx to FALIAPHOTOGRAPHY



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