Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dr.Richard Dawkins (PT. 1): ... What religion would God have founded? and "The Greatest Show on Earth" ...

I am not an atheist (I dont claim or feel a need to claim ANY title for what I disbelieve or believe) ... however I am fond of the work of Dr.Richard Dawkins. So ... why would I be fond of his work? Because of just that word ... "WORK" something that has become rare in today's mainstream religion world. He is also here promoting his new book called "Greatest Show on Earth" ... which I will get around to reading some time soon.Dr.Dawkins simply question's alot of these guru's and their claim's, he simply does not believe in a God or spiritual world ... HE IS NOT ....EVIL.... and actually has strong values. I admire the man for his honesty and contribution to the science world in particular.

Richard Dawkins Interview- CNN (2) ... Thanx to ATHEIST STREAM

***** CNN/ DAWKINS: Darwin and the case for 'militant atheism'

 Many of faith may think that...this questioning of God's existence will get you a resort in Hellfire for instance ...obviously he doesnt think so ... nor do I. When asked what religion would God have founded if God was proven to exist? I think Dr.Dawkins sums it up perfectly and simple when he descibe's it as something much more supreme,grandeur,intelligent ... far better than the portrait puny production's of our religion's. And as far as those who believe in God yet deny evolution ... I personally think that,that would be an insult to God...that is like insulting God's very creation by denying evolution. And more shameful to destroy the earth the way we do ... this man has more respect for this earth...than the majority of those attached to these mainstream religion's ... and in my opinion...would be more deserving of a REWARD from God than many!

If your a person of God... ask yourself ...what have you done to show your gratitude to God's creation and the preservation of it? Simply saying "I believe in God" just isnt good enough in my opinion.What are you doing for God's creation?


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