Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where's a couple good Cowboy's when you need them? .... try Puyallup,Wa. ...

I just had to post this one this morning for the Hell of it! :)

Well one might not think of cattle and cowboy's when they think of the State of Washington ... but any real cowboy or rodeo fan certainly know's of the Fair Rodeo at Puyallup.

Apparently what happened here...is the cattle drive that is held right before the rodeo event in town went off course when some cattle decided they wanted to do more than just window shopping that day ... and a couple cowboy's came to the rescue when they were needed to round em up!

And YES ... I am a fan of rodeo...I love watching a good rodeo show!


Infidel753 said...

That was fun! No wonder the woman you see momentarily in the video was startled. You don't expect to see cows and horses inside a store -- not outside Texas, anyway. Here in the Northwest, we'd be more likely to expect the clerk to ask the cows for ID before they bought anything.

The cowboy must really know his stuff, to be able to herd the critters in an unexpected place like a store. Maybe rodeos should start doing in-store events to show off some new skills. New Fine Arts could host a sub round-up, with cowgirls in dominatrix outfits, or a bucking inflatable.....OK, I better shut up now.

Ranch Chimp said...

Short story here Mr.Infidel...and true.Bout 10 year's back if that long...a large 18 wheeler cattle truck lost balance and overturned in a major downtown freeway mixmaster, probably about 20 of the cattle,escaped harm..and made their way out of their trailer when it broke ... and started all going right into the center of downtown Dallas,in morning rush hour.There was a major convention goin on in town,that had about 30,000 visitor's attending it that day...these cattle were hanging out on street corner's and major intersection's right in downtown (about a half a million people work in downtown alone)Dallasite's were freakin out...can you imagine what some of the tourist's were thinking,that came from town's like Boston and NYC? :)Heh,heh,heh ...Welcome to Texas! :)

Dominatrix Cowgirl's? Um,um,um ... I had a couple of them drive me alright over the year's .. I think I better shut up now too! :)

Thanx fer yer visit Mr.Infidel ....