Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baucus ... and the Democratic "BITE" ... Step #2 of the "SNOWEjob" ....

Today in Washington- Public Option Rejected ... Thanx to Bloomberg

This is a back up to what I have been posting about the "bite" and "scam" that is going to be pulled on us. This is a tragedy for me ... this is one thing that I would LOVE to be wrong about ... and still HOPE that I am. But this is exactly what I have wrote about time and again ... and it is unfortunately materializing more and more by the day.

First lesson here ... Any time someone comes out like that with an announcement and/ or proposal ... and they have a smile as big as Texas ... and say's something like "This is a GREAT plan!! .... " or something like..."Have I got a deal for you!! ..." and you see in the background ad's or posting's saying thing's like "saving's" ... "option's" ... or the other mind soothing crap we are fed ... you can bank on it ... your about to get screwed.

As far as "trust" ... I put him in the same category as Snowe and how much I would trust her ... in the last posting ... NONE. This guy is unbelievable ... Why? Because he is easier to read than a road map. I mean ... you can "make" this guy out of a crowd of 1000 with one eye covered. And Sen. Max Baucus (D- Montana) of course would be a key puppet bastard on the Democrat side. Boy oh boy are we getting a shaft up our asses this time. As I posted in earlier post's ... the special interest's even have folk's they bought on the left ... which will make it simply a "bipartisan" bite/ scam. The only "hope" the people have is simply the hardline liberal's, Pelosi, the President if he stick's and refuses to sign anything without the public option ... they are trying to wear us out simply on this.

Their next step will most likely be ... if the President refuses to sign a non- public option plan ... and hardline liberal's continue to support public option ... the scammer's then will turn out propaganda to us the people and say the reason nothing is signed yet and worked out ... is because the President and hardline liberal's are creating a roadblock ... and no one can pass ... trying to convince then ... the people that the "public option" is now the "villain" stopping reform.Myself...on a personal note ... NO ... ABSOLUTELY NOT ... I would NOT sign ANY plan with no public option, and if that meant ... no plan effective ... or a roadblock ... oh well. When I say I will do something ... I plan on doing it ... period. The interesting part will be seeing how many in Washington are true to what they say they will do ... and who will back down.

POST NOTE: And for those who show weakness ... dont buy their excuses ... about all of the sudden "why" they done what they done ... or what they"had" to do. There IS NO excuse for this type of weakness ... they are not having their fingernail's ripped out or being waterboarded, or threatened with the death's of their loved ones ... this kind of weakness is the lowest and most cowardly that you can lower yourself to. One of the most popular excuses will be is ... something is better than nothing,etc. Dont buy this ... why? Because the masses are always fed that ... when those in Washington vote themselves in a "raise", do you see them take a 50 cent an hour raise? or a $50 a month increase in salary ... NO ... and they would NEVER accept anything like that! It's an insult ... and we should see this as exactly what it is shaping into ... an insult.


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