Sunday, September 6, 2009

Government "Action and Duty" ... is NOT Government "Oppression and Takeover" ....

This is another issue that has risen out of this health care battle ... so I want to touch on it a bit. Listening to all the opposition of this public option for instance ... it seem's they are "convinced" that this is a conspiracy for the government to lock into a new socialist society ... and to destroy the constitution, and take away our rights and liberties. Now ... my question is ... why would folk's think that? It's becoming obvious that certain talk show host's on the conservative side are inspiring this thought. I am not going to start throwing names in here ... or to what degree each one is influencing this thought pattern ... but combined together ... it is effective in this goal.I listen to conservative talk radio and have for year's ... I just dont get motivated by it to attack senior citizen's to bite off a finger ... or hunt down women's health care provider's to target for death. And if you want to name any politician's who slept with the communist party and spent a career kissing their asses ... you need to look no further than North Dallas ... and our neighbor GW Bush ... no one can top his catering to Arab's ... nor to the communist party of China. And YES ... I voted for GW in 2000 ... along with every other republican running back then across the board. I voted STRAIGHT Republican for YEAR's. Since everyone LOVES "truth" ... I'll be happy to tell it. Bush make's Obama look like a rookie from Kansas State ... when it come's to this.

You know folk's ... we pay good salaries to folk's in our government to do a job, and that job includes protecting our interest's as well ... it's all part of governing and the job ... the job WE PAY for through taxes. For year's now ... our government has been "slacking" in these obligation's to us ... and this last administration (Bush/ Cheney) has completely and boldly ignored all of our concern's, they simply put all of us at the end of the line. Finally we have a President and administration ... who is actually attempting to clean up this cesspool ... at least making some effort.Back in 2000 ... the last administration actually just tossed out basically all oversight to big business ... started to implement unfair trade practices ... even supported outsourcing more of our job's to foreign countries and showed no concern for creating job's in America ... and even lied to us saying that our money will go to retraining American worker's who lost their job's do to outsourcing, lay- off's in manufacturing, and such.In Bush's home state of Texas ... a year after he told the nation that these American's were given education grant's to retrain them ... not one dollar came to the state of Texas for this ... as a matter of fact ... he was simutaneously asking for billion's to be pumped into Iraq ... in cash ... to be distributed to Iraqi household's because Iraqi bank's were down ... and all their oil revenues were in New York bank's. In one instance ... just after they photographed happy contractor's holding up million's in photo's of shrink wrapped bundle's of American dollar's ... $12 billion of it ended up missing ... just vanished, without no invoice's for any of it ...or no idea where it went. It was never talked about again that I heard of ... and just forgotten.One year ... Bush was asked for an unemployment benefit's extension for laid off American's ... to go into effect one week before Christmas ... he rejected it ... $5 billion to go to these American's ... less than a month later ... he asked the Hill for $185 billion to be pumped into Iraq. Then VP Cheney was told in a media interview ... that the American people dont like this and the war ... Cheney's response was ... "So". There's some "TRUTH" for ya'll.

All of the sudden ... mid 2009 ... the republican party has all the answer's to saving this mess we are in ... which is almost to an irreversible point, it is so bad. They also have the pharmaceutical companies and other industry giant's pumping ten's of billion's right now ... into getting this reform of health care through ... without NO OPTION's from our government ... all done in the spirit of free market and so called democracy. Not only are they already having their attorney's and accountant's figuring out how to write off all they are spending ... but also calculating and projecting profit's to come in the next few year's from all the new business they will get when government will make law for everyone to be covered..and even subsidize the needy ... they want all that too. But folk's are not even looking at this. Instead ... they are using their pocket puppet's from talk radio media ... to the Hill ... and even a handful of democrat's that owe them for past support to spread the word ... that ANY government option will lead us to a socialist takeover of the nation ... and even may lead to communism ... our constitution being trampled on ... right's taken away ... and to have government panel's deciding whether we can live or die,along with most small businesses collapsing because they wont be able to afford to pay the employee health benefit taxes. With all this well marketed and created fear propaganda ... we have half of American's trembling in fear and picking up arm's against fellow American's. If there was anything to define and use as an example of a modern day tyrannical force and conspiracy ... it would be these companies and those they bought ... clear as day.

Our government has a JOB to do ... that's what they are paid and hired for ... part of them job duties is to take action to protect American's from these thieves and tyrannical forces who also launder all their money through foreign trade and finance ... then rathole billion's in offshore account's and evade taxation of any of it.It is our government's duty to keep an eye on these thing's ... for our protection. It IS NOT a takeover and form of oppression ... for we, for a decade at least have already been taken over and oppressed to the max as it is by these same forces that are feeding us this manufactured fear and propaganda. It is not losing your constitutional rights ... by tightening up our freedom's. When we act the way we do ... in these town hall meeting's ... showing up with arm's to use against fellow American's that are in the same boat we are all in ... assaulting,biting off finger's ... attacking doctor's that are women's health care provider's ... that IS WHAT tighten's our freedom's up ... it's because of the action's of the few who loose all control.



Rita said...

I think the simplest way to see it is that conservatives are just that, conservative.
Obama & his administration is considered on the progressive end of the spectrum.
The strategy of the talk show crowd is not to think logically, be honest, ethical or even make sense. Their only purpose is to attack the opposition & play off the fears of ignorant people.
I don't even try to make sense of it, I just get frustrated & disgusted when I listen to that stuff.
"Garbage in, garbage out" as the saying goes...

Rita said...

"Politically Depressed"

Yeah, me too. :)

Ranch Chimp said...

I certainly see your point here and reason. I do alot of driving Ms.Rita...and most of the time when I am driving...I listen to alternative music on satellite radio and conservative and even liberal talk radio. As a matter of fact ...I am on my way to Waco(TX) about 100 miles south of Dallas, it's so beautiful out...I will let the window's the sun roof...and forget politic's...kick her up to about 90-95 miles per hour ... and enjoy some classic "Sex Pistols" and "X-Ray Specs" punk music(2 of my favourite bands)and sure as hell not think anything about politic's! :)

Thanx fer droppin by...have a good un Dear! .......