Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking for "Public Option"? ... dont devote yourself to strictly American option's .....

This post is inspired by all the concern over this health care reform that we are trying to deal with right now ... and because I personally known folk's that have left the country for everything from prescription drug's to having surgery done, and talked to several other's over the year's about it. Another thing I want to point out ... I havent gave up on actual reform in this country at all ... and want to give credit to hardline liberal's in this nation ... that have showed more patriotism recently to the concern's of the people's of this nation than any of the right wing has ... and this is coming from a guy ... that voted mostly republican most of my life. However ... the republican party is no longer what it used to be. These laughed at liberal's, who are alway's joked about as being mush headed socialist's, especially like Speaker of the House Pelosi ... have shown to be more stand up for American's than many of their opposition from the right ... some are really sticking their neck's out, going head on against this wealthy powerful corrupt cesspool that control's our nation.

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Traveling Abroad for Healthcare ... Thanx to CCTV AMERICA

I was having some small chat the other morning with a hard working neighbour here in my neighbourhood who we call Wolf (His first name is Wolfgang ... so we call him that for short). But Wolf is a lifelong republican ... he worx his ass off ... and even moreso now ... since his company laid off some worker's ... and he had to take up the work that they used to do. Wolf has to have dental work done ... but didnt have insurance ... he simply cant afford it on the hourly wage he make's even being a single man with no children ... and even in his spare time recycling metal's. I was telling him about having dental work done in Mexico ... after all ... I've known many Texan's and Californian's personally that have went to Mexico for their prescription's as well as dental work. He is getting some help as we speak in loan money for extensive dental work from his sister ... but not everyone who is an hourly lower income worker in this country is fortunate enough to get that financial help for instance.

But Wolf like some other's I have talked to that love this country (Wolf was born in Germany and came here at about age 5) ... and who may be even republican and Texan ... have this idea that not buying everything here is not safe, hygienic, or especially being patriotic as far as love for your country and supporting only American work and employee's doing the work. We are pressured sometime's by those around us ... to only stay within our own country for as much as we can ... and I am 110% all for that myself ... I want to make this nation strong, and I even believe in a certain amount of nationalism even. But my view's have been getting more "social" over the last few year's ... because of the inner virus that has swept across our nation. We have bent over backward's and gave those who run our interest's in this nation the power to create a free marketplace and do what work's and in the country and peoples interest, and they basically have pretty much stabbed us in the back and took advantage of our generosity. Our so called free market icon's ... are basically becoming dictator's ... who even want to take our money themselves ... and spend and invest it everywheres beside's America themselves. They have even bought and paid for a large portion of our political representation, and are in almost total control of even legislation in this country, and even dominate our airwaves with their advertising that is basically propaganda.

If you can afford to travel and get what you need at a better price than you can in our own nation ... you are being very American by doing so ... it's not American to support these type's that want to monopolize our economies/ business ... and control and reign over all our choices and limit our choices by manipulating and influencing all our legislation. In many cases these day's ... it may also be in our best interest's to invite in foreign investor's ... because they may be smaller and more grateful to be in this country and do business ... than those who have just been here so long and only exploit and rape our nation. Million's of American's "want" a public option in health care ... but our insurer's and affiliated corporation's dont want that ... they say it is not in our best interest and will be a danger. They say they want to give us choice ... but never want any competition or offer any real choices ... and only recently concerned themselves with thinking about people when they found out our government was going to force all American's by law to buy insurance, and also a crapload of new and experimental prescription drug's as well ... they see a "fortune" to be made ... and they want it.

The bottom line is also ... they will do everything in their power to also legislate law's that will try to make it difficult more than it is now for American's to buy anything abroad that interferes with their revenues/ profit's. And have us believing that kissing their asses is the patriotic thing to do. The American thing to do ... is what is in the peoples best interest's. If for instance ... we end up with a so called reform package that has no kind of public option ... we shouldnt forgive them, or listen to their reasoning ... or anything else they feed us ... because that is a slap in the face and insult to American's ... especially the hourly hard working American's in lower income bracket's ... and especially minorities and people's of colour ... they are insulting you and telling you that you are going to do what they say and choose, and you have no choice but them.

I'm not just one that run's my mouth on the internet about what the problem's are ... I do something about it ... I get out and vote ... contact representative's ... and try to do what I can as far as taking action. They may say for instance ... that if I refuse to buy their plan and option's they will fine/ penalize me, garnish my wages and even may put me in jail. I am one of the most defiant SOB's one will ever meet. I am the kind of fella that will drop out of the workforce if I need to, and only work unregistered contract, and they wont get to garnish or collect a damn thing ... and as far as jail if I dont pay fines ... even if I have the money ... I will go to jail ... and tell them to screw themselves ... and anyone that know's me, know's when I say something I do it. So they can take their threat's and propaganda BS and scare tactic's and cram them up their asses ... their petty scare tactic's dont phase those like me ... and America has alot of folk's like me! Ya'll better start building some prison's ... cause million's you will have to lock up! : )

POST NOTE: I am not saying by "defiant" that myself or anyone for that matter cant be broken ... I am saying those like myself will give them a run for their money, and some may buckle up sooner or later than other's ... but they'll have their work cut out for them ...bank on it.


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