Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Couric drill's Geithner... and Geithner speak's REALITY ...

Exclusive: Treasury Sec.Geithner ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

This is added to this journal for the record on the current economic reality,it's lengthy at approximately 24 min's. But I feel this is an important look at the current condition from a man who is working his ass off and devoted to getting result's.Dont judge this man from only a year on the job...he is doing what he can considering the tool's he has to utilize. I also want to credit CBS' Katie Couric here for asking them tough question's that make Tim point out this reality we face.

I was thrilled when former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson went out the door and this man came in as the new Secretary. Many American's didnt feel the crisis a year and a half ago...and many even now may not...but there is. I have also posted over a year ago to not expect job's to gain...and they will keep going out the door. History show's us that after any recession ... it is employment figure's that are the last to recover...period. Tim also explain's how this happen's and that it wasnt only the reckless behaviour of investor's at the top...but also smaller...and more importantly...how even American's lived and spent beyond their mean's ... so we have ALL contributed something to our miseries as well. Tim explain's this all a hell of alot better than I can...so I need to shut the hell up. Thanx Tim ...your doing a Hell of a job Sir!



Annette said...

I think he is too.. and I think he gets a very bum rap from a lot of people. With the rethugs blocking the process of getting him some help and him mostly doing the job on his own.. I think he is doing a wonderful job..

I can't hardly stand to read the HuffPo any more because it is so negative on him.. he has just become the whipping boy for Arianna.. Thanks for posting this I didn't see it..

Thanks also for your contribution at my blog.. I appreciated your great comments.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your visit and opinion Ms.Annette. You see ... most in our culture see the short term...and are quick to assess what even hasnt got in high gear yet.It's simply us...that's just part of our nature we created..in everything...we alway's want to have our cake and eat it, alway's looking for a quick fix, a miracle pill, an overnight weight loss,etc etc. All we can do is work quickly and efficiently...the water's will find their own level and way. Some may look at Tim, and just say...he's just another guy with money in a suit etc.But he is not one of those who are out to milk the system...he is trying to better a misused system that is falling apart...and take it to the next step of transition...he is somewhat of a patriot...dont let the nice suit and yuppie Wall St. look fool you... he is actually somewhat of an adversary warrior that many at the top feel threatened by ... because some of his idea's will turn their Heaven into Hell for them.

Have a pleasant day Ms.Annette...