Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GLOBAL WARMING PT. 2: .... Effect's on Western U.S. forest fire's ....

Hope for L.A. Wildfire End ... Thanx to CBS

***** NOAA: Wild Fires- August 2009

Now this segment is from a couple week's you probably may have heard today on any radio,tele,or paper,or news blog ... the Los Angeles Area is on fire again ... I think today is up in Ventura County ... none the less more fire certainly the LA Area sure as Hell dont need! And today was low humidity... and about 100 degree's in Central LA for a high temp ... which doesnt help a damn bit, any Angelino would know.


Now ... many scientist's from various sector's of the science communities, along with other's who have to study and fight these fire's know for a fact that changing weather pattern's are contributing to the increase of these fire's ... this short video explain's some of that. Also to get an idea for city folk's on how high 300'ft. flame's would be .... it is about equivalent in height to a 30 story building.

Another issue I want to point several fire's are started as foul play ... intentionally ... law enforcement already know's that as well. This is why I strongly am for the "death penalty" for those found guilty of starting these fire's...or at least life without parole minimal. I know several American's...of various religion's,culture's, political side's,would disagree with me on this ...and feel death penalty (if they support DP)should only apply to those who kill a human being.But my reason for my because I believe that this is more serious than taking a single human life. And also believe that pyromania is a type of addiction or mental handicap...that is deadly if anyone or familia is caught in one of these fire's ... so I see no reason to spend 10's of 1000's or more trying to rehabilitate these offender's...and would support their execution 110%. That's just my opinion.

POST NOTE: I mentioned above the term "mental handicap" ... and of coarse .... most would use that to bring up "defense" for the accused ... on "insanity" plea. I want to point out that I also dont feel these popular plea's should be used in determining punishment phases. I believe in a fair trial...and to supply defense if accused is unable to afford defense representation ... and THAT defense IS TO PROVE that the accused is innocent ... or to enter any plea the accused and defense decide's and chooses only. If found guilty beyond a doubt ... or even a self no contest plea submitted by accused defense ...with acceptance from the people/prosecution to rest on that ...I feel that death/execution should be carried out. opinion.


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