Friday, September 18, 2009

Chesapeake Bay: One Area, One Plant, One Nation, under God ... with fossil fuel's for ALL ...

Cleanup Effort, Over Decades Fails to Restore America's Largest Estuary ... Thanx to VOA NEWS ... (I had to replace this video with another)

This short video posting is just to record the current reality of the enviroment. I titled it as such...because it is just that..."ONE" in a massive amount.Now...when countries like India,and China see how thing's are handled here...what do you think their response will be to stricter enviromental standard's? Of coarse...they will think that America is basically on a one way street..and simply want's to dictate to everyone else.

This issue is also going to drag out year after year...until the world as a whole really start's to take it's money and move on to the next step of energy... I mean serious attempt' massive solar,wind,water project's...not a few million half battery charged luxury vehicle's for American's to drive wearing green shirt's while sipping their herbal tea for photo shoot's. The money is there...the player's are strong...and IT IS the future of energy supply will need to meet it.

We all talk about our love of God's creation....yet are so fast at destroying every bit of it with no regard for it,God,or even our grandchildren. Then we whine when nature goes haywire ... well ... you can see...we get exactly what we deserve. Thank goodness most of our grandchildren are smarter than us! They received the best lesson .....watching us.

POST NOTE: For those billionaire's out there old and new with them entrepreneurial mind's,big goal's,who still like thinking and a challenge ... this is their golden opportunity! Money make's money ... no one know's that better than those. Invest in this far as large investing in industries of solar,wind,and water... and YOU CANNOT LOSE in the long run! This is a sure winner... jump in while it's early.



Rita said...

It is sad to think our descendants will look back & realize that so many people didn't care what kind of mess they were leaving for them. That they were so busy making money & to hell with everything & everyone else.

I wish I knew what the answer was. The only one I know is to get involved with local environmental concerns.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well...even I am not what one considered as an enviromentalist. After all ... I never attended a march or Green Peace meeting or anything as such. I just simply am looking at common sense.And this should be clear to everyone...if I can talk to 3rd and 4th grader's...who have a better understanding of how thing's tick when it come's to pollution and the enviroment, I know damn well that most people can put 2 and 2 together and know that the smog that you see for not doing anything positive for the atmosphere or is all about one thing

As far as the's more simple than we can imagine...and what is that those who have the money to invest as I pointed out in the post note... are only screwing themselves by not jumping in butt naked into this...especially the petro industries ... because believe me... 20 year's down the road, their going to be waiting in line and left in the dust! Even all this nuclear...I have no doubt will be out the door in a matter of time. Technologies wise we are beyond this petty nonsense, we have enough wealth in certain sector's ... but everyone seem's to be interested in getting the last drop of oil out of the ground before they move to the next step, even BP(British Petroleum)with their nonsense remark's backed by the British Gvmnt that this freed dying terrorist of the Scotland plane bombing wasnt part of the package so that BP could do a locked in exploration deal to drill in Libya. All we are fed is crap ... period.The word "exploration" is is simply to drill...just like pre-stalking is to rape!

Yes...getting involved locally and individually with enviromental concern's is one of the way's that this will be pressured from a grassroot's level. This pressure will eventually set the slate for the transition.We know it's coming...we just dont have a many other thing's that will change ... I am one who like's to step up the pace so to speak.

Thanx for your input as alway's Ms.Rita ...........