Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PT. 1: ...."Trigger Plan" ... our next SNOWEjob for Health Care Reform ....

This sure as Hell is not getting enough media coverage right now ... but we knew that something is going to come up that is elaborate and crafty enough to be pushed off on the Senate and Congress ... it is just a matter of reckonizing it when it come's ... and this is the bite that we are about to get, all being constructed quietly by Sen.Olympia Snowe (R- Maine) ... and she has support also from all angle's to a degree already.

It is called a "Trigger Plan" ... and basically what it does ... is toss out "Public Option" on a temporary basis ... converting it into a "Threat" instead to be used ... meaning ... to threaten mega insurer's ... if they dont clean up their act ... in say 5 year's or so ... they will put in a public option. I must admit ... it's good ... certainly a crafty piece of BS if I've ever seen good BS! Former Senator Bob Dole ... who isnt even a goddamn Senator anymore ... and should be fishing or whatever the Hell they do when they retire ... instead is a major voice and part of this crap ... as he explain's ... or "threaten's" to put in a public option if these companies dont clean their act up in 5 year's ... c'mon now ... what the Hell kind of bullshit is that? We been tellin folk's to clean up their act's for decades ... on every avenue ... that's like pissing in the wind. You know damn well ... in 5 year's from now ... some other crap or distraction will be created to pass that crap over again and so on ... they say look at the civil right's movement and how many year's it took to get that straight and on track (?) WE AINT TALKING ABOUT THE GODDAMN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT HERE!!! That's a cheap shot as well ... because ya'll know that alot of those who would benefit from a public option are people of colour ... that's not much different than playing a "race card"!

This plan being pushed by Snowe is just another SNOWEjob is all ... another way to sidestep having to make any move significant ... and I know damn well our President see's this clear as day. And I sure as Hell hope he dont slack off and embrace it without a fight.

I know it is easy to think that I am only siding here with what is called the hardline liberal's like Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D- Maryland) ... but that isnt so ... on this particular issue ... YES. But only because I am pro- reform as well as public option ... and these hardline liberal's are the only one's even fighting for it for Pete's sake! Sure as Hell not all democrat's are. Another reason I am for this public option so strongly ... because it is a big step forward for our young American's and their future ... just as social security was for us ... something Bush wanted to privatize if you recall ... can you imagine if we gave all that to these investment banker's where we would be today? Can you imagine if we let these few mega giant insurer's continue to be "King of the Mountain" and slip through this ... without seeing any competition what our grandchildren could face. Of course ... the opposition is saying that this so called public option will break your grandchildren (cost wise) ... it may break them ... but in a increasingly globally competitive work arena to come in the future ... at least they will have a snowball's chance in Hell of having some health care they can goddamn afford! And wont dump them ... simply because they have this pre- existing condition of being born and alive!

Look ... I am not an extremeist ... beside's I think some of republican's idea's are positive as well on a couple thing's ... I'm a fella who like our President ... is willing to sit at the table and listen to anyone. But so far to be frank and honest ... all I have heard from the opposition of this public option is that it will collapse the nation,our economy, our freedom, and send us all to a miserable destination of communism, nazi- ism, and/ or socialism ... it will break all bank's and put possibly hundred's of thousand's out of work ... okay ... were still listening, just now ... explain to us ... How? For Pete's sake ... educate us,enlighten us ... make your case ... show us some "figure's/ fact's" ... something to back what you are telling us. Show us just a fraction even ... of how this apocalypse would materialize ... and the connection to it and this public option. I'm all ear's.

Personally speaking ... just looking at the whole picture from an open perspective, I dont see how a public option would even break the insurance industry at all. Think about it ... who will buy the option? Most folk's are creature's of habit and set in their satisfaction ... are happy with what they have now ... and will be free to continue to buy it ... they have nothing on the line or to worry about at all. It is those who have nothing now who will be in need of this the most and utilize the plan is all. How can it possibly even damage those folk's doctor/ patient relationship's who are already happy... or the care they are already paying for and services they receive and will continue to receive? So you see my point?

I would only hope that the President this evening ... just shortly from now ... make's his stand and case solid ... get's to business ... and also stick's to his public option plan ... whether or not most democrat's follow it or not ... if it fail's Sir ... let it fail on it's own ... please just dont throw it out ... and compromise with garbage like what Snowe is slipping in with her slick crafty way of doing thing's quietly, and popping in through back door's. I strongly admire anyone that actually does what they say their going to do ... those are the true warrior type's ... those who just give in ... without good reason or flip- flop simply because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed ... are not warrior's ... or actually much of anything as far as integrity is concerned ... because their weaknesses get the best of them ... and if it happen's once or twice ... it's likely to happen again at some point. That's not much different than placing one in a position to push a button on a missile,  when weve confirmed there are inbound missile's in flight at us ... but decide's they cant push the button during that time of critical defense.


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