Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to stop "Big Government" takeover? over half the politician's in Washington ... : )

I have posted that a scam of course was going down ... and some of the way's they can pull it ... and they did pull a scam ... however ... this is just way over my head ... I been listening to clip after clip of these session's even "live" and it is just so confusing ... I cant even begin to remotely guess, predict, or assume where the Hell this is going to go to next. I wrote in previous post's that it would be a confusing mess ... because that is how they alway's pull these showcase stunt's ... whether it's a car dealership ... a rebate gimmick ... or even tricky legislation.But to try to figure this one out? I am all tuckered out ... and dont know what the Hell to expect next ... beside's ... I dont trust none of this crap ... I just cant see what the next move is ... but whatever it is ... we need to look at it really closely ... cause these SOB's are slicker than owl shit!

If Sen.Wyden (D-OR) is for real on what he say's ... and if I read him correctly ... I do agree with him ... he say's he want's "ALL" American's ... not just 15% to be able to choose public option, and nationwide ... if I read him correctly ... this is what I want as well! In other word's ... not some BS plan where you have to only be dirt poor to purchase the option ... I mean ... were poor for instance by Washington standard's ... but not dirt poor, if you get my drift ... kind of more I guess like lower middle income I reckon. So even though we have a plan now ... I would still like to have opportunity to look into the option without having to make under $20K annually to do so ... or whatever limit amount they put on it to qualify. Thank Goodness we still have folk's that are going to fight this!

I also hope that this public option isnt going to be twisted into something that isnt truely public option ... call me skeptical or paranoid ... that's fine ... but my thinking kept me alive most of my life ... so I embrace it. Another reason I am concerned ... is because Sen.Hutchison (R-TX) (and just to think ... a year ago I was actually considering voting for this gal ... just to get rid of Texas Gov. Rick Perry from the run- off!!) with some of her buddies is trying to get a state-to-state deal going ... which I am also against ... because I live in Texas ... and I know we'll get screwed ... along with most southern state's as well as midwest state's ... any republican dominated state's that is ... which would suit even the insurance companies fine ... because they could still railroad place's like Texas and the south I reckon. So another issue to watch closely is this public option...and what version's of it are coming up...with what kind of twist's to it.

This is why this is way out of my league ... I can see a bite ... but these elaborate well calculated scheme's ... are alot harder to figure out and see ... plus most of my knowledge as far as law is concerned is criminal ... not civil/ corporate or whatever. I am trying my best ... but cant catch them all. I can only hope for the option to be weaseled in somehow ... or muscled in if they have to use harder measure's.

One thing most up there cry about is big government ... this is why I say the solution to that is fire over half of them ... heh, heh ,heh ,heh, heh : ) ... tell them we want to downsize for quality control and efficiency. : )



Rita said...

I've experienced how bureaucracy can just muck things up to the point that no one not even the politicians involved really have a clue. I just assume corporate interest will end up with most of the pie. I mean they are throwing lots of money & effort into turning it into what suits their purposes.
Ideally, in a democracy, government should be able to govern effectively enough to work toward assuring equal rights for everyone. I don't even know if that is happening anymore.
I hate the idea of state to state options because I think it will just further fracture our already fragile system & give special interest & the hate mongers evn more control.
Jeez, maybe Rush Limblah & other republicans like him, will all move down south & the south can secede again. Then they can elect a racist Christian white guy for a president &...

Rita said...

Sorry here's the link again. hope it works this time. :)

Rita said...

WTF? I'll do this:

Ranch Chimp said...

Well...YES Ms.Rita ... as far as assuming that corporate interest will end up with most of the pie, this is why I am able to make these bite's so easy as well throughout these post's...because I alway's look at any proposal first as to who get's the benefit's...and alway's get led to someone who is going to gain lot's of money,etc,etc. These old timer's who came up in my era and those a little older than I cant get the picture sometime's...because we came up in era's like the 50's through 70's and business was dofferent in them day's...even how companies treated their employee's back then...thing's were alot more straight and everyone done well...including the people's.Nowaday's especially with the money shifting through offshore account's,investment's, and the list goes is a "lure" to those who are in the upper rank's to play...because fortune's are being made...and you never have to look at those you are dont see them at the dont socialize with them..and in your world everyone is making money and happy...not seeing the damage done in society.There is a lack of honesty and integrity which is a key in this as well.This is why with this "new" business climate...we just cant do thing's like's a different world...and law's/regulation's must adapt to the "times". Rush has property in the south from what I know in Florida.As far as voting in a christian white man for anything in much of the south these day's is a challenge...if you go to Birmingham(AL) for instance in these day's...the minority black population's are very large...Atlanta as well,Jackson(MS) Dallas,Houston,etc,etc. So the "right" pick's and chooses black christian conservative's to "use" for the vote's...which isnt much different than a white christian conservative.When I was up in your State of Oregon a couple year's the Great City of Portland(I absolutely love Portland!,specifically because how small inde business seem's to be very strong there) I was almost in shock riding the rail's and on the street's...because it felt weird...I was thinking to myself...I dont think I ever been to a city with so many white folk's! :)

The link's ? ... I dont know...I went and even typed in the address...yet a blank page came up that said in the upper left corner ..."Forbidden dont have permission to access/opinion/feature/2009/09/15/ on this server" (?) Geeeez ... I feel like a horny little 13 year old boy that got turned down to see the "Playboy" site! :)

Thanx for yer visit and input...later girl! :)