Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NYPD's (SWBU) "SCUMBAG WOMEN BEATERS UNIT" & More ... (Police Brutality PT.8)

This "Police Brutality" PT.8 posting will be just an opinion of mine (that I'm sure many other men share) on this brutality against young defenseless women. Understand that this is not defense or even personal at that, these women that have been getting increasingly beaten, sprayed, and abused, old and even young have done nothing to call for 3 or 4, 200lb men to even have to restrain them the way they do. I chose the video below even though it doesnt focus on women in particular, but because Mr. O'Donnell put's together a good commentary and vid compilation.

But YES ... the thing that has been most irritating to me during this whole OWS movement has been especially the video after video after video footage I have seen where gal's in particular are beaten, targeted, sprayed, rough handed, simply because of some men/ officer's who have psychological problem's and probably a history of domestic abuse even, look for the most vulnerable, and take out their frustration's on them, because they can get away with it. I also do these posting's of course because with me, it's personal. These women could be your daughter's, niece, girlfriend, mom, etc ... this may be norm in some countries, but this is fucken America! I know that alot of men would like to probably deal with these kind of scumfuck's that treat our women like this ... who frankly dont deserve to be just reprimanded and desk duty or paid leave, but if anything ... hogtied and hung upside down from a tree and beaten by men of their size. I seen more than my share in real life as well, and why I focus on this.

Any comment's left on here now or in the future that try to justify this shit or debate will be eradicated as soon as I see them ... there is no arguement with me, I dont tolerate this shit, period!

***** THE FIFTH COLUMN: MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Rips 'Unprovoked Police Brutality' At 'Occupy Wall Street'


Occupy Wall Street MSNBC reporter SLAMS NYC Police Brutality! ANONYMOUS LOOK! ... Thanx to Kenny Hendrick



BBC said...

I'm not saying that any women at those protests are asking for such treatment, didn't look like it, but there are women on this rock that deserve such treatment.

My second wife was such a woman, she would push a man to his limits of patience and a few times got smacked back. I figure that when a woman is as much as trying to kill you that you have the right to defend yourself.

We were married and divorced two times before I got wise enough to just stay the hell away from her.

Oh well, water under the bridge now, she died in the 80's, it's okay, she wasn't wired right, but she sure had a nice pussy. :-)

May you live in interesting times.

BBC said...

On the bright side, this post was short enough that I didn't get tired of reading it and just scanning it.

Ranch Chimp said...

No doubt Billy, if a woman come's at me, I'm going to defend myself, period, I'm into equality on that level ... now if it's in sex foreplay and she wants to be a lil rough with me ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, that's fine! : )

None of this is about sexplay, personal, defense, or any damn thing else but just handpicking randomly vulnerable (smaller) victim's and beating the shit out of them for no ligit reason, that's all the fuck this is about ... and personally speaking, I'd toss the officer's out on the Island (Rikers that is, if your not familiar with the City). This posting is about that, period.

Thanx for your voice Billy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Since you brought up though Billy about divorcing twice the same woman ... that has alwayz been difficult for me to understand, how one can divorce that is, and re- marry what they tried to get rid of to begin with?

However, wanted to share a story with you (true of course) this guy who worked with us year's back name Graydon, actually divorced with his wife like about 4 time's and was back again with her, but the kicker is this, he still had a hole between his left cheek and jawbone after the first divorce, where she shot him in the face one night while they were drunk (they were both drunk's too) at point blank range with a .22 handgun ... imagine that.

Ranch Chimp said...

He was a damn good pressman too, he ran printing presses, but everytime we would hire some new hand's, first thing's guy's would ask me (I was a shop foreman) ... "What happened to the guy's face? ..." seemed like no one would ask him, he was a mean ugle looking redneck SOB, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... but I would tell them ... "His ole lady shot him on the face ..." they would alwayz ask me after ... "No ... really?" ... I just tell them ... "go ask the dude, man". Like I said though, he was one hard workin SOB, as far as I'm concerned, one of the best on the crew, never fucken whined about work.

Ranch Chimp said...

One of the thing's I loved about Graydon ... he was a die- hard Dallas Cowboys football fan ... I mean ... when Cowboys lost on any sunday, he would come in to work on monday morning pissed and not talk to anyone till at least after noon, and he would never bet against the Cowboys regardless of who they were up against. I took hm up several time's though (me and him would talk alot of football on break's) ... they would be up against Philly for instance (Philadelphia Eagles, an old rivalry in the NFC East with Dallas) ... I just tell him ... "Well Bubba ... I got $20 bucks right here, I'll take Eagles, straight up, no point spread ... " Graydon would jump all over it, he hated the Eagles, and I won alot of bet's also betting against the Cowboys with Graydon.

BBC said...

Why do folks marry each other more than once? Well, sometimes love is just sick.

BBC said...

Actually, I think that love is overrated, it may just be better to just like each other.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... good point : )