Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW YEARS GREETING'S 2012: ... from Dallas, New York, and the Ranch Santa (Chimp) ... w/ Billy Idol NYE "live" 2005

The title/ header here sayz it all ... a Happy New Year Greeting to the reader! : )

BIG D NYE 2011- Planet Productions- Dallas ... Thanx to PLANETPRODUCTIONSINC ... this is at the strike of midnight (01 January 2011) in downtown Dallas' "Victory Plaza", about an 8 minute fireworx display with sound sampling mix. A few band's also do "live" show's at the event bringing in the New Year ... it's not Times Square (NYC) ... but it's a great time in Dallas and nice fireworx show! Enjoy! : )

***** Ranch Chimp Tip: Those attending "BigD- NYE" this year, should consider taking the train/ rail ... Victory Station is right there, parking in downtown is a bitch, and park in a no parking, you'll get towed ... also all Dallas area law enforcement will be on a "zero tolerance" this weekend for drinking and driving, refuse the test, and they will take your drivers liscense on the spot.

This is a picture of some of my familia this Christmas at my daughter's Dallas area home, I'm the Ranch Santa in the suit, the 2 boy's to my left and right (as an elf and one with Santa cap) with my arm's over them pointing my finger's at their head's are two of my grandson's. The 3rd and 4th girl's from the right/ top are two of my daughter's.

This below was just sent to me from some of my familia up in New York this Christmas, the woman in white 2nd row from bottom with the Guy in the white shirt and tie is one of my mom's sister's & her hubby (both in their early 80's now ?) ... and the rest are her kid's (my cousin's) and grandkid's, the kid on the bottom right with the dog is a dancer, touring with Britney Spears on her stage dance crew. This brought back lost memories for me, because I can go back at least 50 year's or so, and was in these Christmas get- together's in this same room with my cousin's opening present's and playing as a 5/6 (?) year old kid ... the tree was on the right just like here back then, and the wreath was also in the center window, just like a half century ago.

Billy Idol- Scream & White Wedding ... Thanx to DRDVZ1971 ... This is a New Years Eve 2005 video that I chose for a music video of Billy Idol doing "Scream" & "White Wedding", that I wanted to post, because anyone who's been to a Billy Idol show, know's how this crew deliver's "live" too! Guitarist Steve Stevens of this crew is actually a "show" in himself, I stood once right alongside of him (I had an "all- access" stage pass through a local production company) less than 10'ft once on the "White Wedding" tour and was so impressed just with his guitar work and style, it just blew me away between listening to his monitor output and the huge cabinet's that surrounded the stage, was a storm of classic work in high gear, doing a couple random spin's at a speed that looked like a West Texas dust devil at 100+mph, but absolutely incredible guitar work, especially being he worked solo covering the rhythm and lead so well in the blend of them. It was kind of a funny audience up in front, surrounded by girlz dressed in white wedding dresses as well! BTW ... old schooler's like myself may recall even the older dayz when Billy was with "Generation X" ... love these guy's "live" though! Enjoy : ) This will be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



Tim said...

RC Nice update on your site and even better pictures. Beautiful family. Here's hoping 2012 is better yet for us all. Thanks for your friendship as it's meant a lot to us.

BBC said...

That's not a family picture, it's an environmental disaster.


BBC said...

My years roll on about the same so I expect no different for 2012 unless something broadsides me. And I suppose that could well happen.

Ranch Chimp said...

And Thank You, Tim! Nothing ill about looking forward to something better,it's also motivational, being surrounded by so much that tear's down such ... and instill's "strength".

That picture with that cherry Gretsch look's great Tim! Good to see also Alex still holding up with his art.

Later Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Billy ... enjoy your new year to come.