Thursday, December 29, 2011


I wanted to post this Thank You video from OWS to it's supporter's, plus OWS' commercial video and a Thank You as well from American's that support this movement especially, because over the last couple month's I have viewed and read so much opposition to this movement as well. They have been called dumb, stoner's (pot smoker's), a waste of time, draining our public tax money with their occupation's, disrupting everything from election's to people trying to work, to being called a hippie movement who need's to use soap and water, a waste of media time, etc ... several folk's asking them to please stop, while calling them insult's as well ... and one Guy mentioned for them to stop, so other young American's like himself can have a real movement that can create change by 2075 ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... which is fine and dandy, but some dont just want to sit and support the same ole same deadbeat shit for another half century while waiting for change : ) This posting is NOT to post any of the complaint's over this movement, but to Thank and support this movement, and post as much as I can with hopefully million's of other's like myself, so that this movement continue's to pop up again and again all over the internet.

Of course it's a free country to an extent still, and those who wish to ignore this movement and sit nice and proper going through the usual channel's of change and supporting the same ole same people are entitled to do so ... but I hardly call something like this a waste of time or insignificant, and it certainly is about as pro- democratic as you can get. What's also importante of this movement is what it will inspire and infuse for splinter's even more organized and feed the thought and spirit of this for million's of even young American's who see through what we currently have, just like those of my generation seen through the fault's that our fathering generation's before us had.

This inspire's true thought and motivation for change in action. For me this is far more than just poor folk's against the wealthy or 99% Vs. 1% ... this is about accountability, cleaning a house that frankly need's a good bath, and not the soap and water kind, to bring awareness in trying time's of how detrimental this is to the well being and stability of the future by ignoring these renegade's of market's and trade, letting them just recklessly continue business as usual, while we passively sit by and think we live in LaLa land of an era like "Mayberry RFD", "Leave It To Beaver" or other nonsense, like the American Dream as we knew it still exist's or the related, and everything will be fine and change, if we just say and do what were told, or whatever the pop culture report tell's us is acceptable or not. Hell, I'm not against true free market at all or capitalism, but when it become's not that anymore ... that's the issue, just like when voting the same ole same get's to be useless ... that is the TRUE "waste of time".

It take's all kind's of avenue's and strategies to get change, and alot of work ... this movement played a big role in inspiring that ... and Thank You much! This is not so much of a battle between the "have's" and "have not's", as it's painted to be ... but the "have not's" being able to get also rewarded for merit and hard work and being the true leader's and engine of this system ... not rewarding worthless self manufactured icon's who do nothing but manipulate.


Official Occupy Wall Street Thank You Video ... Thanx to DSAUVAGE

Occupy Wall Street Commercial ... Thanx to DSAUVAGE

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