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OCCUPATION NATION: Washington's Hypocrisy ... When Hatred & Anger are HEALTHY ... "The AWAKENING PT.6" & "Police Brutality PT.7" & "Post Note"

This posting will serve both the "Police Brutality" and "The AWAKENING" series of this journal/ blog. And even though there are million's of posting's on this, there can NEVER be enough in these time's. Some read and video below, then some point's I want to add after.

OCCUPATION NATION: U.S. cop's Serve & Protect the 1% ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

OC/ OCCUPY COLLEGES: UPDATES: Bail Set at $5,000- Please DONATE BAIL MONEY to help a College Student- See Story, Live Twitter, Donate, and More

CROOKS and LIARS: Patrick Meighan, Writer For Family Guy Arrested At Occupy LA

MAILONLINE: Two officers suspended following UC Davis police pepper spray attack



First of all Thanx to RussiaToday as well for the opening of the title of this posting, as well as all the great coverage on several issue's they do across the board! This posting though is to show why "hatred" and "anger" as well is also healthy ... I get nauseated hearing some of these folk's playing down the importance of healthy hatred and anger, which should be a part of our existence in this era, because without some, there is no balance or counterweight, thus breeding defeat ... sometime's blood should be met with blood, that is what free's and liberate's as well, of course when all else fail's, and it is clear by now to anyone what the score is. This is why I have stressed in past posting's why this is healthy for America and the Globe as far as what we are seeing now ... all of which contribute's to not only healthy change but justice ... just look anywhere in history ... you dont think the French for instance freed themselves by endless fiddle faddle rabble and peaceful protest's, voting over and over for more of the same, do you?

But everything you see and read in just the above link's should make you angry and hate if you are halfway sane ... it's not radical or lunatic ... it's your nature, as much as your nature to protect your children, even animal's have this instinctual protection in them. What would you think or possibly do, if someone was abusing your children, your spouse, loved one, parent's, etc? ... think of this the same way, because this IS exactly what these in power who are puppet's are doing to our children, our veteran's, our familia's, our neighbour's. RT sum's it up perfectly in the above video, when they call it "Washington's Glass House of Hypocrisy". The bail bond's alone are even getting ridiculous ... $5000 for voicing your opposition? Beating your children silly, spraying chemical's in their eye's as they protest, instead of just picking them up if anything and relocating/ moving them? ... and dont think for a minute they cant. And these so called "higher education" institution's letting this happen to your children and loved one's, in turn charge you 10's of thousand's with much in loan's at that, for those to attend school there.

When I mention the bail bond's above, that is only half of that cash grab, the bond if paid in cash, you get back after the close of the case, if you go through a bonding agency, you have to put up at least 10/ 15% cash, and sign over property as collateral to cover loss if any, you DO NOT get that back, that is how the bonding agency make's their money, if you skip, whatever collateral you put up you lose as well. The attorney fee's even just to plea bargain will cost at least $500 to $1000. So you may wonder ... how does a simple city ordinance violation of say "disorderly conduct" end up with a $5000 bond? This is the trick in the arrest itself, of course all based on the officer's word. If you are disorderly, and even pinned down in a common knee pin and restraint position by the officer, and say it hurt's (which it will, trust me) when the officer put's the cuff's/ ties on your wrist's, if you try even to slightly twist your wrist or hand for comfort, that is "resisting", thus another charge, even larger than the initial disorderly ... then say you use a loud negative yell or tone of voice toward's the officer, or flinch your elbow ... that is an attempt of assault to the officer, thus maybe even putting you into a low felony range, etc, etc. Sometime's (depending on the municipality/ jurisdiction) they will even create flash/ sudden bond's and charge's to lump sum them all in one, regardless if your in violation of one or the other, which they can pull, if the event like this is also considered priority/ emergency ... long story though.

This crap they will also pull time after time about suspending officer's or whatever is more garbage ... they give them desk job's and other thing's, while these officer's in most cases draw pay ... it's no different than those CEO's who just robbed the taxpayer's through our legislator's, when they march them up to Washington to take a tongue lashing on camera from Senator's or such, basically pointless, then put on these show's on how hard they are working for you, giving you a choice of voting for two parties who are basically fed from the same payroll publicly and privately ... and basically in bed together, playing game's in feeding you more fear of what will happen to you if you dont support them. Try to pump that "fear" game into someone like myself, and believe me, there are a million like myself ... we will stand for hour's if we have to in the element's just to specifically vote against you, as an example.

***** POST NOTE *****: Back less than a decade ago, I had a bullshit case and charge where I had to do at least 30 dayz in jail on top of court cost's (they wouldnt just let me pay a fine, to set an example or whatever) or else accept 2 year's of probation (probation has you reporting every month, submitting all kind's of personal info on a monthly questionaire, and pissing in cup's whenever they tell you, to see if you use dope or whatever, not to mention the monthly fee). I basically told the judge through my attorney ... I'll take the 30 dayz, my attorney questioned my decision, she was telling me ... "are you sure Tom?, you really want to do jail time, when all you have to do is report once a month for 15 minute's" ... I told her ... "absolutely ... enter the plea ... it's final" ... beside's ... I knew that in Dallas County and all of Texas Dept of Correction's, because of overcrowding you get 3 dayz for 1, meaning 30 = 10 dayz only ... plus also the fact that the two court appearance's each count for a day- time served, and the book- in process to register which take's about 15 minute's count's as another day ... meaning technically I do 7 dayz for the 30, get out and dont have to report to no one, get my drift?

Anywayz, I brought plenty of cash with me to so I would be able to eat off the commissary wagon, not just the bunk shit they serve to inmate's (which is basically cold powdered egg's in the morning, bologna on hard bread at lunch and some slop with a meat at dinner, that the meat taste's more like cardboard than anything else), but when I booked in upstair's (it's about a 4 hour process) to go to a final unit to finally rest my head or get a shower and eat or whatever, you have to get your quick medical check first, which they only ask a couple question's from a nurse to ask if you have AIDS/HIV or whatever, routine. After my check, the guard/ boss take's you to the window to sign my/ your property and account paper's, but then tell's me they have a "new" policy now, to where they want me to sign a paper saying I agree to pay $15 from my account for the med check they just gave me ... I said "Huh? ... Hell Boss ... she didnt do nothing, I'm not going to sign over $15 dollar's for that ... Ya'll never charged before ... etc" (I had plenty of money, so it was a petty amount, but I wasnt going to pay it any damn way, or at least sign any goddamn paper to). The guard said if I dont sign I wont get any chow/ food and be locked in maximum confinement until I do. I told him ... "I cant", he said "Why?, you have plenty of money, etc" ... I told him ... "It's the principle and discipline Sir ... I wont sign ... it's not the money, I just cant ..." ... plus, I also knew there is no goddamn chow wagon at 11:00pm anywayz!

Bottom line, I was labeled of course as a trouble maker basically, was locked in a small cell, with no outside view, fed through a slot in the door, the light stayz on 24/ 7, and you can only talk through a push button intercom ... and if your ever in that situation, DONT EVER start using the intercom to bitch or whatever, they will send in a "goon squad" and beat the shit out of you in riot gear, and know how to do it to leave minimal bruises, they like the kidney area's, I seen it happen to other's before, so that's how I knew ... so just emergency call only or they wont even answer the call even. No commissary wagon, no visit's, no contact, no phone, not even a book/ read or anything basically and only the 3 bullshit meal's (described above) they serve you through the slot ... all this, because I wouldnt give them $15 buck's, and everyday, they would ask, if I changed my mind yet? ... I told them "I cant" ... after 5 dayz, they stopped asking. But for 7 dayz I stayed in that cell, and would just pace the floor back and forth for hour's and talk to myself, do a few bullshit excercise's, etc, it was about 8 paces from one end to the other. The way I knew if it was day or night and what day it was, was because of the meal's serving time's (since it's light 24/ 7 with no outside view), they served the powdered egg plate for instance about 4:45/ 5am, so I knew that started a "day", then I would put a scratch/ notch on the wall paint basically. But my point here ... I never gave them the $15 dollar's ... yet when my release came, I noticed they withdrew it anywayz without my signature, which is basically illegal as far as I'm concerned ... but no biggie, I'm not going to try to sue their cheap ass and spend more time and money.

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