Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.2) ... The MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA Edition

This PT.2 of "Government Shutdown & Countdown" will be to look at what I call "The Merry Christmas Edition" of the same ole same "Satan Sandwich" serving with the again "Outta Town by Sundown" following ... I reckon none of them on the GOP want to miss any of them last minute Christmas Holiday sales, to try to give their petty jumpstart to the economy. I got an idea though ... how bout like former President GW Bush done ... mail us a stimulus check for $500/ $1000 buck's per household and we'll gladly spend that shit, eh ... whatcha say? : ) ... it is our tax money eh? No ... all shit aside though, we know ya'll's little cheap tight asses wouldnt do that : )

But anywayz ... as I suspected and wrote in my earlier posting's that they may try this stunt ... of course ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they done and are. Some stuff below linked, and a couple video show's ... then a few addition word's the ole Chimp on the Ranch will add.

This posting will also be added to the list "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW"

CNN/ POLITICS: Obama, Boehner Square Off in Payroll Tax Fight ... newsread and video's, full story

President Obama Speaks on the Payroll Tax Cut ... Thanx to WHITEHOUSE ... this video just in 18 hour's ago and I had to post here. What you see here is straight, not any campaign talk, left right talk or whatever ... this is the face and word's of a man, who is just simply sick and tired of these game's, plain and simple ... no pep rally talk, no bullshit, no pretty goofball smile's for the camera, just straight up ... and even more reason why I will support in this case whatever he decide's is best ... and when I say "him" ... I mean that ... not Reid, Baucus, Boehner, or McConnell making the ultimate decision's. I'm personally sick of how many Democrat's have been obstructing the President's decision's too.

RCJ: GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.1) ... The Return of the SATAN SANDWICH {: (

First of all, on this one I will support the President and Democrat's 110% on whatever call they make regardless. I mean, even if $700/ $1000 buck's in extra taxes per year is a noticeable amount to many of us ... I am one as I wrote earlier time and again willing to pay that extra tax. However ... on the other hand ... I personally speaking, am sick and tired of this game after game set- up ... and because so ... if I were in President Obama's position or fellow Democrat's in the House or Senate on this one ... I WOULD NOT ANY LONGER COMPROMISE, period. And I know how awful that would be looked at by some fellow Democrat's, being we get stuck with a tax increase, and it could also make or break my political career possibly ... but someone, somewhere must draw a line in the sand, eh? I mean ... give folk's like the GOP/ Republican's an inch in this game, and they'll take a mile, that's how it worx. The Democrat's and President Obama have been very generous to the GOP, despite the GOP's relentless stubborn whining, bitching, moaning, and bellyaching ... and they know it! The President himself is sick and tired of these game's, you can see and hear it in his talk and expression, even in this "CBS 60 Minutes" exclusive .

Again ... I am one who is more than happy to give tax break's to the wealthy and like doing business that way, because one hand washes the other ... the only thing though ... is this has been a one way street, we give, and the money doesnt go to domestic spending in job creation, but offshore to start manufacturing or such in foreign countries where you can pay employee's under a buck ($1) an hour with no benefit's ... and that brother/ sister ... dont cut it in my book. So why wouldnt I just give in on this one and let the tax break's ride through for the corporate clan and associate's? Because ... I wont play endless game's and go through these endless stand- off's time and again ... just for 2 or 3 month's of certainty here and there for American worker's, military personel, folk's drawing their SSI or whatever ... it's our goddamn money, and we dont need any goddamn babysitter's to manage our money, we do better than ya'll when it come's to our budgeting and spending ... this is all bullshit, period.

I cant even believe some of the blogging from fellow voting Democrat's as well as mainstream journalist's I been hearing and reading ... I was actually left with my jaw hanging to the floor in disbelief. The continuous complaint's over progressive die hard Democrat's and even Occupy Wall Street patriot's ... as well as the endless talk about .... "Ohhhh, it's over ... I give up, were doomed ..." "another satan sandwich, I'm frightened, which one do I choose? ... " "we dont have any choice, it's only getting worse ..." ... "boo- hoo, I dont know what to do, their shafting us ..." etc, etc (nauseum) Of course their goddamn shafting us, and we keep negotiating with them and letting them continue to do it!! What do you need? a jackhammer up your ass before you stop playing their game's? ... Geeeezz ... and these folk's call themselves "liberated"? ... how in Hell can you be liberated when the only thing you do is crouch in fear, talk doom and gloom, and take whatever is given to you?!! These progressive Democrat's and these folk's in Occupy Wall Street are the TRUE warrior's of the left ... plain and simple. Geeezz ... why the Hell do these folk's give up so goddamn easy and throw in the towel is what puzzles me ... I dont give a shit how much influence big money has in politic's ... I am going to do everything I can to buck them ... I wont even do business with their financial institution's ... and even recently encouraged several people I know locally, to withdraw out of their major bank's and put their money in local small bank's and credit union's, which they done on my advice, and dont even regret doing so, they found that their better off and less bullshit fee's to pay ... plus ... their keeping them extra dollar's out of those giant's hand's.

I wanted to add this video I found, even though he is one that I havent voted for, but at least it's solid truth ... and so well put, Wolf Blitzer here is more mainstream politically correct ... but you want bloody damn honesty ... Ron Paul speak's it here. Hardly any of these chicken shit's in Washington will even address this and bring it to the table. Frankly ... we would save billion's more cutting some of that shit and the waste and pet project's from our representation alone, especially on foreign and defense spending, and this mind you is coming from a Republican! So ask yourself ... who is really full of shit?

Ron Paul on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 12- 14- 11 ... Thanx to LIBERTYSOURCE

Enough said ... Word Out ....



BBC said...

Nothing is going to work out, you're all a bunch of smucks, hehehehe

BBC said...

Frankly, I don't give a fuck if the government shuts down, I'll still figure out how to make my own was as I always have.

Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting comment's Billy ... however, on the first one, you will be incorrect ... being that it WILL work out, you just dont see what I do let's say, most dont even see what is really happening here. The reason for the continuous posting's and hammering this subject and issue's, is personal, which I wont get into, just look at it as a job. However ... it will show in time let's say.

As far as not giving a fuck ... alot of us in the multi million's actually dont either ... we just "think" ... same as we "think" that our sole survival is depended on thsee mega financial entities and such. It's a long story that I have wrote about in detail already though ... this is all a "game" only, Ron Paul know's it too well, I can see him trying to hold back from laughing just having to listen to Wolf Blitzer.