Thursday, December 22, 2011

OCCUPY WALL STREET 2.0: Austerity Fetishism Vs Transformative Movement/ Economic Inequality Vs. Corporate Neo Communism (The AWAKENING PT.8)

This PT. 8 of "The AWAKENING" will be to honour and celebrate the 3 month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which of course now occupies the nation as well ... and this next phase they are calling "2.0". The title of this posting inspired by those in the below video's ... Alyona Minkovski, Katie Davison, and Jesse LaGreca (even though Alyona doesnt belong to the movement, she dont yet realize what significant role she will play) ... just a few of the many heroes and heroines of this movement. Some video's below, then some word's I will add.

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I dont look too much as this being about "economic inequality" as far as how loosely the term is used ... I see what has been happening as more like "highway robbery"! I mean ... I think most of us favour some degree of economic and social inequality, it inspire's, motivate's, create's competition, etc ... we get inspired by those folk's that are not equal to us in other word's ... we sure as Hell dont want to all be the same, we would die off as a species. But what this austerity fetishism as Mr. LaGreca put's it is about is nothing but that, and a wave of what I look at as more corporate neo communism, anything but free market, competition, individualism, reward for risk's, etc ... this whole cesspool as folk's are starting to see is all one huge crock of bullshit, by a handful of entities who do nothing, create nothing, contribute nothing, and fear competition at that like frightened cat's ... have not an ounce of integrity or even spine for that matter, yet mislabeled as "elite".

Alot of American's are not yet comfortable with this, and only because they dont yet see the significance of this and are only looking at the short term, thinking of these folks as disruptive, disorganized compared to what we are used to as the "norm", and see these movement's of recent past history as something that just dies off and amount's to nothing. But as I posted in earlier posting's throughout this journal, will move in wave's, and also, as long as this changing system continue's business as usual, this also will continue to keep the flame's burning. Look at it like Ms. Katie Davison point's out ... a "transformative movement" in this sort of what I call a "transitional moment" throughout this journal. This also will inspire so many affiliate movement's and a new generation of what I talked about in earlier posting's of political/ social thought ... not being of this left/ right dichotomy and way of thought, alot of our thinking is not just like this or cultural, but also became genetic. We learn as a species from past mistake's, and all the hardship's that are coming to folk's, again ... are a blessing we dont yet realize or even see. So when you see thing's get worse for many over the next few year's, dont look at the short term hardship's, but the longrun benefit's of the pain and struggle.

Also as Mr. LaGreca point's out ... it is also importante that this splinter's and diversifies it's strategies and reaches out to both side's of this current era, as you can see by finding some common ground at least for some dialogue if anything, with even those folk's like in the Tea Party ... the power's want you to be divided as much as possible, the more the merrier for them, why do you think they created this? This austerity fetishism also as I earlier pointed out will hit everyone up and down the chain. On other political avenues if you want to look at poll's for instance (I never placed much stock in them, but the stat's/ figure's are something to look at as well) currently about 8/ 9 out of every 10 American's are unsatisfied with our representation, especially in Congress on both of these polarizing side's ... and this is a key factor, being that we are across the board finally waking up whether what side we belong to or group we fit into ... we are finally realizing this overall contamination of freedom and democracy and the dysfunctionality of the governing body as a whole.

Other than that ... Congratulation's to OWS and affiliate's ... and their will to utilize will.

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