Wednesday, December 14, 2011

COL. LARRY WILKERSON (U.S. ARMY) : War & More ... A View of America from the Eye of the Hurricane (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT. 19)

This "Veteran's Spotlight" Part 19, is simply to look at some view's outside the mainstream box and more from what I consider the "Eye Of The Storm" here from retired U.S. ARMY Colonel Larry Wilkerson , because he make's some good point's here.

Look, since the start of this damn journal ... I have of course alwayz been pro- defense, but also "real defense" and against all this corporate dictation of war and unfortunately now our political representation more than ever in American history. Pointing out time and again of the repercussion's of our action's around the world and how we will be viewed, and especially everything from our ocupation's, strongarming, boasting of being number one, playing "King of the Hill" game's, and American's sucking it up like lollipop's and falling more and more into a rut over these misfit's in our government that run everything else in the world, but our own country ... here, that cant get a goddamn thing done for America, but fussing, nitpicking, and nickel and diming us to death. We have the best defense if needed in the world ... I never worry if were protected from an enemy at all ... but ask myself alwayz ... who is the real enemy? ... our enemy is ourselves.

It isnt just the imbalance in this nation we call mistakenly at time's unfair, because without balance, no such thing as fair can exist, common sense just show's you that. Also as I have pointed out time and again especially to my fellow Texan's, knowing them ... How would Ya'll feel if a foreign country was occupying your land and backyard here in Texas or anywhere's in America, telling you what you will and will not do? What do we expect innocent people to do who are imprisoned abroad by us for year's without charge's being formally brought against them, and then cut them loose, give em a meal voucher and plane ticket ... do we expect them to go back to their people and talk about how great it was being a prisoner for nearly a decade of American's, after they did nothing but have a 3rd or 4th party association with someone who talked attack on America? And why are these people so successful at selling resentment and attack's to America on their people? But enough from me ... I think Larry below sum's up thing's well.


Col. Wilkerson: US War w Iran '3 yrs. Away' ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW

POST NOTE: I'm all for not only defense, but intell, covert operation's, helping allies, stopping terror against us, etc, etc ... I dont even WANT for our defense/ government to have to report any of our defense "secret's" to us, and would tell them ... "I dont want to know". The issue though with me, is the interest's involved as far as what we do and why? If Saddam Hussein for example, was a "real" threat to it's people and especially to us and/ or allies, but what also is that threat "level/ extent"? ... I am more for taking him out covertly before I would want to spend $700/ $800 billion on it and thousand's of our finest trained lives (military) ... but at least would like to know what is the actual offense he has committed, and what is the depth of it, chance/ percentage, and what affect will it have on Iraq, other's globally and here? Not these Kangaroo Court assessment's, and not just about bloody oil and/ or resource's. It's deep as far as issue's and purposely complex. I simply never bought some of the reason's for going to war or occupation's.


BBC said...

I joined the Navy when I was 18, cuz I was just that stupid. I wuz so stupid that I told them I knew how to type so they stuck me in offices when they could, where I would proceed to get into trouble being as I hated being in offices sitting at a typewriter.

Oh well, it’s fucked, it’s always been fucked, and it’s going to get more fucked. And this countries economy is based on war, people raise hell when you talk of shutting down the factories they work in.

I basically just believe in defending our own boarders and fuck everyone else, if we wasn’t fighting them they wouldn’t want to be fucking with us. They’d be killing each other instead but that is my problem, it just helps keep their numbers down.

The Fort Bragg area has grown 64 percent the last ten years because of wars, now they are starting to worry that things will get hard there with some of those actions shutting down. Well, shit happens, deal with it. Or start another fucking war, boy, humans are stupid.

BBC said...


"They’d be killing each other instead but that ISN'T my problem, it just helps keep their numbers down."

Ranch Chimp said...

I tried to join the "Seabees" about the same age (17/ 18), caue my dream was to join the Navy since about 12 ... had to retake my written, ended up in jail when I was scheduled to be back with charge's pending in a couple state's with a detainer, so I couldnt bond out ... long story and sick of talking about it. Back in those dayz you didnt have to have a high school diploma to get in, I think you do now.

War's/ defense ... I'm just like you on that ... I only want to defend myself/ us if possible, dont give a shit about being no.#1, dominating the world, telling these religious folk's and countries what to do or not do, etc ... their war's over religious mythological archetype's and so forth are none of my business, and serve no purpose in my country, that could be of any benefit. Folk's like Pakistan who we constantly feed financially, who have shown to be not very pro- America ... I wouldnt give them any more money, period, or do any further business with them, period, I have no fear of their nuke's, they use them against us, I would use our's against them and twice as severe when I do ... not talk about it, sell woof warning tickets threatening them, and just move on the drop of a hat. I dont play merry- go- round game's on anything, it's a waste of my time and the other parties time. Congrat's on the Navy gig though Billy!

It's pop culture normal thinking though, if I dont want to help some country like Pakistan, I must be a Nazi, a neanderthal, or hate humanity, yet these same folk's who would criticize folk's like myself, dont do shit anywayz but run their mouth's with swollen head's about how grand they are, love everybody, want to save everyone on the globe from oppression, then support just the opposite ... too twisted for me Billy, I dont want to figure them out, or spend much time on it. But I think you have a clear head on these issue's.