Monday, December 5, 2011

RODNEY DANGERFIELD: ...the most "DISRESPECTED" man in America .... PT.2

Such a miserable cold snow/ rain wintry mix morning here in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, I just had to have a lil something with my breakfast to brighten up the day and get my stomach muscle's pounding ... and this man sure as Hell does the job! : ) ... Enjoy! Also included in RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY


Rodney Dangerfield Delivers Big Laughs on the Tonight Show (1977) ... Thanx to Rodney Dangerfield



BBC said...

Great videos, I didn't know he had gotten that risque.

Hey, I'm going camping, you're in charge of shit while I'm gone.

Ranch Chimp said...

Billy: ... I got it Boss! : ) Enjoy!

an average patriot said...

Great video's I love RD. I use to say GW suffered from the Rodney Dangerfield syndrome saying he gets no respect.

Ranch Chimp said...

GW Baily Jim? ... He's from Port Arthur Texas too.

But yeah Jim, I watched everything that Rodney had on YouTube I could find ... I been a Rodney fan for year's, and one of the few movies I did get to enjoy that are favourite's of mine is "Easy Money"! Rodney just's bust's my gut every damn time.

It's been miserable weather here Jim, the Texas Panhandle and West Texas got pounded with snow, but here in North Central Texas, it's been a wintry mix of rain and snow basically, which is a damp cold, like that all bloody day here n the Dallas area, I got wet in it today, as well as yesterday a soaked head (and I have long hair too, which take's long to dry) while out with my daughter and her boyfriend for a tad Christmas shop stuff. I hope I dont get a damn cold over the next couple dayz from this.

I know you keep up with Pats football games of course, so I dont know if you watch other's, but tonight on "ESPN Monday Night Football" in less than an hour from now, the 4- 7 San Diego Chargers will be @ the Jacksonville Jags who are only 3- 8 ... pretty tight match- up though ... I dont know who in Hell to take on this, I mean Jags got that home advantage, but the Chargers can be Hell if they can get that passing game turned on ... I might just go with the visiting Chargers on this one.

Yesterday Cowboys were @ Phoenix Cardinals, and get this ... the game is tied, 3 bloody second's on the clock, Cowboys had a 49 or so yard field goal, that "made it", however, Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett called a goddamn "time out" right when his kicker kicked the ball?!!! Geeeeezzz man! so during the 2nd kick to do over, the ball was short of the goal post's, causing a 5th Qtr of overtime, Card's get the ball and we loose ... I couldnt bloody believe that shit! I was pissed, really!

Thanx for droppin in Jim ....

Beach Bum said...

Rodney was one of the greats!

Ranch Chimp said...

He is a classic, glad you enjoyed Bum! : )