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End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" ... (PT.2)

This Part Two of "End to Privacy" is just a video that just came up from one of my favourite YouTube site's RTAMERICA. I am actually 110% in support of the CIA and other's affiliated of doing this ... so the reader of this may call me a commi or whatever ... which is fine as well. But ... I have my reason's, just like I have my reason's to not want to know what certain intell agencies in our nation is doing as well. But first the video, then my view on some of this, beside's what I wrote in Part One.

CIA Sifts Social Media Sites ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

RCJ: End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" ... (PT.1)

I'm a tad different than many in my thinking on this, also I dont live in a fantasy mindset of thinking, I realize how dangerous the world is. But what inspired my first posting on this a couple year's back, was all the people I talk to who are worried about their privacy, yet ... they willingly play into everything that contribute's to invasion of it. When you just use your social security, drivers liscense, credit card, apply for a job, or anything else that has your code or number, you just lost some of your privacy, period ... you dont even have to get online and use a computer or even a cell phone. It's simple ... you dont want to discuss something in public ... dont ... period, but dont blame this on the government either. This uproar over the TSA scanning is also for me ... nonsense ... I dont care if you strip me buck naked, like in jail intake, ask me to bend over, spread my asscheek's and look up my ass. I would rather have ya'll doin that before I get on a bloody plane, than sitting in a seat on the plane later wondering if the SOB next to me is squirming because he may have a bomb strapped to his ball's, detonator up his ass that activate's by a ground cell or something, their even trying to surgically implant explosive's now for that matter according to intell. That's the reality that we live in, like it or not ... period. I'm also aware that agencies may use this constant threat of terror to invade more of our lives ... I'm just aware, not paranoid ... and I cant change the fact that we have major threat's against our well being as well, whether were pumped with "fear card's" or not ... it's the time's we live in.

Even that cant stop terror/ harm completely, but make's for just a tad more safety from it. For instance ... you may wonder if Bin Laden was some kind of genius for being able to avoid capture for so long? ... nothing "genius" about it though ... he was able to, because he didnt use the technologies that we use daily or cell phone's that are on contract's with your friend's and familia package discount's, and stayed in clear sight, down the road from a military base, that even had U.S. support ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... right in the open, right in the heart of the city, even burned all their trash for that matter and used foot messenger's, etc. Major drug cartel's operate similar as far as communication's ... their not genius, just not that stupid. But all this shit as far as sifting social network's is needed, if we like living. A buddy who work's across the street as a car mechanic for instance, who moved to Dallas from Jerusalem (Israel), was telling me just how dangerous it can be in that town, just going to a bloody mall on the weekend to shop or browse ... and the tight security that is needed in that town. I dont think we clearly understand that there are folk's that are out to kill us, not because of our personal action's, but just because we are in America, and they feel they have a job to do, which is to destroy us ... period. And now even more of a threat of local domestic terror, even by lone wolves, tampering with store shelf medicine's, food line's in buffet's, comtamination of public drinking water, sabotage, etc, etc ... the list is endless, we even have our own financial entities screwing us, and Wall Street! We should also realize, that we have a job to do, to stay alive and safe ... the reason's are not importante, it is what it is, and this is the reality those who run this country made happen over year's of their action's and interference with these nation's and people, and blaming who or why aint gonna change the reality, but action will.

As far as the "fishing expedition's" of law enforcement ... well ... you have to expect that too, that shit was going on before the computer age ... but ... also understand that you still have court's and law's to use in your defense, if something foul come's up, and even after the fact, appeal's, etc. And we even have watchdog's watching all these watchdog's as well. We dont need to watch the government agencies as much as you should watch where the funding of these media's come from ... so watch us, because we are also watching Ya'll too : ) But I also mentioned in some of my earliest posting's that security in this cyber space especially is simply going to have to get tighter ... we even have countries that are hacking into our system's. Also as far as your privacy is concerned ... all your major marketer's are watching every move you make, even watching your cell's when you shop, your eye's, what you shop for, eat, like and dislike, etc ... Why? ... because it's business. I mean ... how many time's do you visit a site even online ... and next thing you know, your hammered with product's folk's are trying to sell you in pop- up's etc? ... there IS NO BLOODY PRIVACY ... and most folk's frankly dont give a shit who your screwing or whatever, unless they can make a buck off you.

Sure ... they can cut down communication's like these organized movement's, OWS or whatever ... but that wont stop us either from protesting, voting, and fighting for our right to voice, even if you cut down our cell's and site's, that doesnt break the spirit. Even in some countries like Syria with recent clashes or Iran, and trying to cut folk's off ... folk's still were clever enough to find wayz to get their message's out to the world. All I'm saying is that everything has a flip side to it. If it werent for these investigation's, snooping, sifting, etc ... you would have more of these cyber bullies even attacking folk's, their website's, their credit/ financial account's etc, hacking public system's, and even more of these spineless closet freak's than you can shake a stick at, that want to prey on your little children and their web space's and lives. I could list 101 reason's why I support alot of this to an extent, but I made my point here.

Word Out ....

Alex Jones: US Government spies on everybody ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... I also wanted to add this video in this posting, because again, simply thought for awareness is all. I cant say that I agree that Bin Laden has been dead for instance way before they say they executed him, I dont have any evidence to support that, but I also have no evidence that he was taken down as reported and buried at sea ... nor do I really give a shit anywayz. But it is importante to know at least that, of course there will be operation's to suppress movement's and so forth, so you dont need to be some conspiracy theorist to suspect that, just have common sense. There are watchdog's as I said watching watchdog's, and many is even watching the government. My concern was not with our government as much as it is with corporate entities/ interest's as you can see throughout this journal. But also as I mentioned in previous posting's, you dont need to declare something like "martial law", when you clearly have legislation and law's in place to do that for you ... cleaning up our representation and the hand's that feed them are what's importante especially ... again ... we have represenative's who have no term limit's and are bred to be political mouthpiece's since their college dayz, eliminate them through the power of the vote, and make term limit's, stop pay- off's to them etc ... will clean up much of this mess, so even much of the solution is simple as far as strategies and what we need to do. But I just wanted to make sure this is posted as well, in case it dont get linked at some time with the above video.


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