Monday, December 12, 2011

How a Government can Unintentionally Inspire, Incite, & Breed Terrorism ... "The AWAKENING PT.7"

"The AWAKENING" Part 7, is another fresh video update in the first video from RussiaToday, the following will speak mainly for themselves. I know this isnt the most cheerful Holiday Season stuff to post, but there CANNOT ever be enough of these posting's either in time's like now ... it's needed to know, and to show just what the Government is falling into and the mistake's they will find out they are making ... in time. Sadly as you probably know, the Government's legislator's/ representative's in this nation are either pawn's or hostage's in a way, the largest money has influenced and mostly bought everything in it and in the public, and this is why I focused so much on this since the start of this journal, not because I enjoy it, but because I know it's inevitable. The deeper our representation get's caught into this trap, the more trouble will result, and a war on people and inciting terrorism and inspiring a new generation of anger/ hatred ... is a war you will soon enough find out you cannot win. And it will have also a drastic impact on the economies and business which enhance's the issue's. Again as I have pointed out in my earliest posting's on these issue's, this will go in sort of wave's globally and what will make it unique as well, is that it will be cross cultural and bipartisan over time ... this is not about left or right, it's simply action and reaction.

The idea that you have law enforcement in riot gear and bullet proof vest's and so forth cannot stop folk's that are knowledgeable in weaponry/ firearm's, etc ... and sooner or later with these tactic's, you will be ending up with dead cop's, innocent cop's who may not realize what they are doing, and ya'll know this. The sonic sound's or drones wont be totally efficient either, all that does is make folk's run and hide, plan and conspire, breeding a new front of potential, what politipop culture and mega media's would call "terrorist's". Even slowing it down in spurt's, like for event's such as political speeches, G20 or whatever, still does not eradicate the spirit/ idea, and especially when you continue to conduct everything like business as usual, like your currently doing. Even trying to get a public militia to help suppress many of those enraged (which ya'll will have to do in time also, because you will run out of manpower, even with the wealth financially feeding you) at most can only create a bloodbath you wont want. Innocent's will get hurt, and those who pay our representative's and their businesses will have target's on them eventually with even political rep's being made for what they do. You would eventually also have to face random sabotage of large energy provider's, and the list is endless. You just simply wont be able to protect everyone all the time or even infiltrate covertly, undercover, or otherwise.


Eviction Addiction: OWS vs. Drones, LRAD's & undercover agents ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

This I used below as an example to quick no nonsense solution's, and eventually many of our own veteran's will see even moreso how their getting railroaded in this country as well. And I have to give so much credit to these heroic protestor's/ veteran's in a place like South Korea, because they have no firearm's/ defense to use ... this is why I focus so much on the 2nd amendment and the importance of keeping our firepower as citizen's/ people ... which the 2nd Amendment clearly state's what the amendment is for ... for the people to protect themselves from a government gone haywire and/ or against it's people. As you can see in this video below, the veteran's/ military through their effort's here DID GET their benefit's/ pay ... without violent confrontation it would probably not have been possible ... but just an endless runaround of sort. A lesson to be learned also here, is allowing police to centralize you and form a perimeter ... this you have to diversify and plan better, which I'm sure these military veteran's know too well, and will refrain from making that same mistake if needed action later ... at least to halfway protect yourself against these violent mob's of police.

South Korean Military Spies Clash With Riot Police During Demonstration ... Thanx to RACHELVIRAGO

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) G20 Pittsburgh ... Thanx to GLASSBEADIAN a lil more info on these system's HERE



BBC said...

I wouldn't join any movements but I'm not opposed to them. Like ya said, freedom of speech. But I think it's stupid to set up camps, go home to eat and sleep.

Governments are stupid but I don't see them getting any smarter and we'll keep voting in rich fucks because Americans are stupid shits.

By my thinking it's the youths war, I'm just a cheerleader and my only interest in protection is of my own and friends.

It'll get ugly in the big cities before it does out here in the boondocks.

I take it that Korean citizens don't have guns? That's a shame, the best movements involve shooting shit. And blowing shit up.

BBC said...

For about a year I attended the weekly war protest here, until I decided it was a futile effort.

Besides, men should not be so stupid that they go fight wars for the fucking rich and powerful.

Anymore than cops should work for the rich and powerful.

BBC said...

Frankly, I don't think all the blogs (and there are many of them) are going to change and improve anything.

But they are a fine place to fuss and share.

BBC said...

Hey, does anyone else visit here and comment?

Ranch Chimp said...

My first comment's Billy were far too long, let me make it short and easy here.

Movement's(?) I this one for reason's I posted earlier.

Voting(?) Sen. Berniw Sanders and Howard Dean will influence how I vote this next election, I like what both have to say.

Koren's and Gun's(?) I dont know, have a buddy here in the neighborhood from there and goes back annually, I will probably ask tough, he frequent's this blog I know too.

As far as blog's changing anything(?) ... in time one way or another folk's will wake up and thing's will change. I will continue to post some on these issue's.

Visit's/ Comment's(?) Some, not many. Some folk's I know locally , who dont comment or blog themselves, most I know personally here in Dallas only tweet.

Ranch Chimp said...

The first on Movement's, I meant I follow up/ keep up with this OWS simply.

BBC said...

Ah, sometimes I forget that my many posts will still be here long after I'm dead.

When I get discouraged about things I need to remind myself that they may make a difference in the future.