Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two New Earth's ? (CNN) ... & a 1902 "Trip To The Moon" ... from "Sci- Fi" to Sci that's "Fly" in 1.1 Century (Above & Below PT.5)

This Part 5 of the "Above & Below" series will look at a recent CNN piece on the possibilities of other Earth like planet's that may be able to produce and/ or sustain some life similar to Earth, and their not just talking about two here, they already suspect there may be hundred's, which shouldnt suprise us either. I mean ... just a child in 7th or 8th grade when they talked about planet's, orbit's, solar system's, etc ... I alwayz wondered if there could be planet's in other system's that are just the same distance from a similar sun energy in orbit, that may be somewhat like here?, perhap's plant's, animal's, or similar? Actually, it was one of only a few subject's in school as a kid that grabbed my atencion and could make me listen without boredom ... even though I scored highest in "math" as a child, I actually loathed and disliked math (which alwayz confused me, wondering why I would score so well in something I disliked? : ) But nonetheless ... this stuff is fun to me, and I love all the documentaries on the cable/ tele of this kind of stuff (not sci- fi though much).

They mentioned also the sci- fi French film classic here "A Trip To The Moon", so I went to YouTube to dig that up ... and what a treat this piece of film was (I never seen it before, so it was a suprise to me ... I mean, like this is some really old school flick : ) But just a look at what our idea's were like 110 year's ago as far as sci- fi ... to science, astronomy, and space exploration today that is not only real, but "fly" (cool) too.

CNN/ OPINION: Two New Earths and the Search for Life newsread and video


A Trip to the Moon- Le Voyage dans la lune (1902) ... Thanx to MICHAELSATOKWOLMAN



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