Sunday, December 18, 2011

KINSEY SICKS (MERRY CHRISTMAS): "Twisted Christmas Parodies", "God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians", "Touch-A Touch Me, TSA Security"

This induction into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is past due, however, I wanted also to wait till the Holiday Season to post for a Merry Christmas posting as well. It will be to honour the Kinsey Sicks ... and to take a peek at their Christmas parodies, however to also honour them for their ourstanding 'a cappella' style and beauty shop quartet vocal's/ sound. Their creativity in contemporary American parody and stage/ video, especially being that they just happened to accidentally and unexpectedly ended up in the entertainment industry without even intending to. And just a real fun group to uplift them spirit's! So Merry Christmas from Kinsey Sicks ... and myself, the Ranch Chimp. And Thanx Ya'll for all the fun and contribution's to the Art's! ... Enjoy! : )

Twisted Christmas Parodies by the Kinsey Sicks ... Thanx to KINSEYSICKS

God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians ... Thanx to KINSEYSICKS

Touch- A Touch Me, TSA Security (Rocky Horror Parody by the Kinsey Sicks) ... Thanx to KINSEYSICKS ... this I wanted to add as tip's to those travelling the busy airport's over the Holiday Season, for those who get too uptight about being frisked.



BBC said...

Hum, weird shit. More and more gay's is always another sign of a failing civilization though. These monkeys keep forgetting their history lessons, or think that this time they can overcome them.

Ranch Chimp said...

There's plenty of same sex animal species practicing sex as such on this planet, of course none the majority of their population's, although there is a type monkey (cant recall their name off hand) that actually are majority bi- sexual and spend no time fighting, but having sex instead (true).

However Billy ... this posting was simply to honour the art of this crew and their talent's, so I have no opinion one way or another on their sex life.

Have a good un bud ....

BBC said...

There's plenty of same sex animal species practicing sex as such on this planet,

That isn't to say that nature favors them though, and they'll get their asses kicked if they get out of line.

Only this stupid species that speaks thinks it's all okay. As for me, I didn't see much talent there, but talent to me is inventing something really cool that will benefit mankind in a good way.

Talent is being able to make it on my own if things go to hell, I think entertainment is way over valued.

BBC said...

If some gal wants to entertain me she can polish my dick. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

I can list a bunch of shit that our species does that is not okay Billy, many that are more severe to the species and Earth than a few queen's having some fun. I understand your view of talent, I agree actually with alot of that, I chose this talent as far as entertainment of this genre, theatric's, comedy, music etc ... even though many folk's may or would not understand it, or even like my choice's, when I look for someone to post in this journal's honour roll society, I may look at few to many factor's that highlight the artist ... it's like a hobby for me, all in fun ... I have worked with several small band's for instance locally, maybe tossing some idea's their way to point out certain talent's they may have, or prop's, sound, theatric's, etc that they may try/ use, etc ... it's just a hobby like I said, I enjoy doing it.