Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PEARL HARBOR MEMORIAL: ... "When WAR was WAR" ... NOT Corporate Welfare Sponsored Occupation's (Veteran's Spotlight PT.18)

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This Part 18 of "Veteran's Spotlight" will serve as a Memorial Posting 70 year's to date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (wikipedia). This of course was when wars were really about war and not simply corporate welfare sponsored occupations and resource/ commodities rape of other nation's, off of American tax dollars. This attack by the Japanese is what eventually led 4 years later to their surrender when we retaliated with all we had left to do so efficiently, getting the job done and the war over. Today ... Japan frankly is one of my favourite countries, despite our past conflicts, and are great business and social partners.

USMEMORIALDAY.ORG: Names of Civilians and Military Personel killed in the Attack on Pearl Harbor ... click on "Pearl Harbor Casualties List"


Attack on Pearl Harbor- History ... Thanx to WATCHMOJO.COM


ATOMIC BOMBS OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI 1945 ... Thanx to TITUSFLAVIUS79 ... this of course show's the finale of this war between our countries, unfortunate, but was in balance and appropriate (in my opinion of course) ... also to be fair here posting this as well, I realize how many say that the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unjust, all planned, set up, had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor and/ or WW2, business, or all the other complications and/ or opinions. But my point of view is simple, and as to the way Japan itself was acting at this time (not just us), whether their strong arm on Hong Kong, Philippines, Pearl Harbor/ USA or elsewhere in the Pacific, to me they were acting in a way as Nazi's of the Pacific, and of course U.S. I'm not saying are saints or innocent ... so for me it IS NOT an act on either side of good or evil, right or wrong, but action and reaction. No matter what excuse on what side or slant is given, we owed this nation in my opinion for what happened in Pearl Harbor too. This is how war makes peace you can say. But Yes, to this day I feel like the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unfortunate, but justified and set the slate straight as to where we stand, as they also done by orchestrating this attack on us.


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Four Dinners said...

They did get revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki you know.....they inflicted sushi on us!!!

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey 4- D! ... they got more fucken sushi joint's in this town than you can shake a stick at dude : ) I tried it a couple time's, just for a 2nd opinion the 2nd time, because the first, I just didnt get it ... I mean, it's very popular as a food ... 2nd time, I still didnt acquire a taste for it, I reckon I just said "fuck it" : ) But actually the Japanese done well in America, hold a large chuck of our debt, bought alot of real estate, with all the product's they sold us over the year's, American's loved them as tourist's, cause they spent "cash" instead of plastic etc, etc ... like China does I reckon. Thing is 4- D ... that's what everyone love's about U.S. ... the amount of money we spend, even on shit that is basically junk, China cant produce fast enough for our appetite, and also sell us a shit load of counterfeit shit, fake Gucci bag's, etc. American's will buy any fucken thing ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you can sell them a Teddy Bear with a carrot stuck up it's ass, tell them it's the "latest thing" ... and the MF's will buy them like their in short supply, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Folk's laughed at Japanese car's here in the 1970's, I thought they would be the furure though, like I think that the Korean's now have a big future in their car's, and going to run the Japanese some tight competition. American car's are really coming back today, it took enough ass whipping from the Japanese automaker's to lighten us up. I hear the London busses are getting a make- over too.

Thanx for droppin in Bud, have a good un! : )

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW 4- D ... The reason I added the Nagasaki/ Hiroshima piece, is only because alot of American's are upset over that and constantly whining/ weeping about it, saying it's race hating, etc, etc ... the same folk's will then turn around though and approve of such against Hitler ... really a fucked up mind- set on the whole issue, just herd mentality thinking without thinking, if that make's any sense : ) Bottom line, it happened, it's reality, it's fucken over ... period.

My point is ... fuck with us, and we will retaliate, dont bomb us, and you dont have to worry about me dropping a bomb on you, very simple approach and philosophy. All these war's abroad and our intervention in these Arab nation affair's were into currently ... I wouldnt even be involved with, that's just me, I dont want to tell anyone what's right or wrong for their society ... or if they dont like homosexual's, or a certain ethnicity or such, I frankly dont give a shit, hate whoever you want, keep the shit out of our country. And you got all this Middle Eastern ass kissing going on today too, like ya'll see in UK.