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HERMAN CAIN & THE ACCUSER'S: Super Heroes and Truth, Justice and the American Way (Sexploitation Nation PT.13)

This Part 13 of "Sexploitation Nation" will be to look at the recent sex abuse/ harassment cases surrounding dropped out Republican Presidential candidate Mr. Herman Cain and his accuser's/ victim's. The title "Herman Cain & The Accuser's" may sound more like the name of a music group/ band, but that was intentional in humour, because just when I thought ... "Who in America hasnt heard of Herman Cain and these fine ladies?" ... I was with a neighbor Rick the other day looking over his new engine and worx under the hood of his 1982 Ford pick up (in immaculate condition I may add) he just put in ... and I asked Rick about what he thinx about Herman Cain and all this? Rick just kind of looked at me strange and said ... "Herman Cain? ... seem's I heard of that name Tom ... who the fuck is Herman Cain?" (Rick is also a black man) ... so I gave him a briefing of the scandal, Rick just kind of laughed over it. Rick dont keep up much with media or politic's, beside's rebuilding vehicle's as a sort of hobby and his small pig farm outside of Dallas on some rural land he own's, Rick is just a 50 year old redneck at heart : )

But then this just released CNN video and newsread from victim/ accuser #?? below in the link Ms. Sharon Bialek and her sadness or disappointment over this, even after Mr. Cain somewhat suspended and threw in the towel, I asked myself ... "Did he not do what they initially asked for?" ... what exactly these accuser's want him to do somewhat baffled me. But more on that after the link's of video's and newsread below.

CNN/ POLITICS: Cain Accuser says Candidate's exit 'Bittersweet' (video/ newsread)

REPORTINGDANDIEGOETC: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Full Ginger White Interview on Herman Cain Affair (video)


Adventures of Superman, Season 1 Introduction (1951) ... Thanx to ADLERANGRIFFE ... I wanted to add this since everyone here in this posse is only looking for Truth, Justice and the America Way : )

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - "Sex On Wheelz" (Ralph Bakshi Director) Thanx to SETZERLOCK ... actually a couple old acquaintance's here I know as well through Thomas Thorn ... so I want to dedicate this video/ song to "Herman & The Accuser's" ... since Mr. Cain like's his sex on the road : ) ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

ADDITION: ***** Ann Coulter weighs in on Cain allegations ***** ... This I take it is strictly politically motivated, being Ann Coulter is going to defend damn near anyone who is Republican, after all, it's her business. However, Ms. Coulter bring's up also some interesting point's concerning sexual harassment here, and "what" is harassment? When she talked about the pre- school 1980's stuff ... she didnt say the word "satanic", but this was also a popular witch- hunt sort of Christian pop- culture scam that went on in the late 1980's, they had clinic's back then set up like the one Michele Bachmann's hubby has to convert gay's, to coach children into thinking and saying that they were abused in satanic ritual's for instance ... one of the most notable cases was the McMartin Pre- School case, during the Satanic Panic era ... which was organized by the religious right at that time. My question is this ... If I tell a woman she is "pretty" in the workplace ... am I sexually harassing her? Of course I would never do that in this era, because of the possibility of a lawsuit, but it does make one think and question. Of course too, there is no evidence that any of the allegation's are connected or politically organized and/ or inspired by such either ... these cases are individual cases/ claim's of harassment, and apparently there has to be some substance to those, since Mr. Cain's defense/ affiliate's has paid off a couple of these victim's in the past to avoid further civil litigation's.

***** CNN: Coulter weighs in on Cain allegations ... (newsvideo)

Even though I am not a woman and have never experienced first hand how it must feel to have this done to you emotionally or physically, I still have a somewhat understanding from listening to so many personal testimonies from gal's I known over the year's who been in some pretty harsh relationship's/ situation's, and been hurt more wayz than one, I also was a father of daughter's instead of son's, so I have somewhat of an understanding of some of the emotional stuff that some gal's may go through, I have personally witnessed more than once or twice sexual discrimination in the workplace and the pressure's on many gal's to perform more than their male co- worker's for less benefit/ pay, so I'm not dumb to this at all, and have to express a certain amount of sensitivity in issue's like this.

When the linked video above first was released on Ms. Ginger White, I feel like it was very disturbing to her, just looking at the look on her face of how disturbed she looked and depressed over this and listening to her was irritating to say the least, but I listened to it all ... and this went on mind you for over 13 bloody year's at that. Then you have Ms. Bialek above and her disappointment over Cain still, I reckon because she want's him to outright admit, apologize or whatever for what he done, and I listened to her previous testimonies, before other accuser's came out in the open. None of them want any money or anything else out of this they say ... but to basically I reckon expose this man because of his dishonesty and the fact that this show's the public that he cannot be trusted as a President ... and we the people appreciate that gesture of patriotism as well, since we have to vote for these folk's. But a big issue is ... if this is about just exposing liar's, abuser's and such ... there is a Hell of alot more work to do since damn near this whole crowd we have in Washington currently are habitual liar's ... as I wrote in this posting for instance ... if habitual lying was an illness, how many would call in sick?.

Even Ms. Gennifer Flowers above in linked video's weigh's in on this, for a reader who may not remember Flowers, it was many year's back when Bill Clinton was running for President, she had over a decade or so relationship she claimed with the former President. I heard there's other's who accuse Cain who havent even come out yet, I lost track of who's "number #what" in the chain of them (I think White is No#4). But frankly, and I'm not trying to be insensitive here at all, alot of the accusation's I heard were not very harassing sounding either. And if you ever feel uncomfortable about receiving any gift's of any kind or call's or whatever from any man, you should just simply tell him from the get- go, that you dont want to participate in anything like that, period ... and simply walk, get your legal defense together if you have reason to take civil or criminal action, and use the law's if you have to for restraining order's or whatever, etc. I mean how can you just go on in like a year after year situation, take gift's, travel paid visit's around the country, willingly go to hotel room's or whatever, and especially admit yourself that you feel your doing wrong, knowingly doing this with a man, that you know is married and you would be hurting his wife/ familia as well, just accepting and participating ... and for over a decade of it? Geeeezzz ... what's the deal? I mean doing that, indirectly make's you just as much as a liar as him as well, or at least untrustworthy.

Enough said ....


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