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I try to refrain from having too much religious item's in this journal. This is another case right here in our backyard in Texas, and of course an endless argument. And since it involve's this Christian nativity scene, I wanted to post on it. Christian's in my opinion have persecuted far more than atheist's, actually, I dont think I can recall any case of atheist's persecuting, at least going by the definition of "atheist", the folk's of herd pop culture in ancient Rome for instance that persecuted Christian's were called "Pagan's" ... but just look at history, look at especially the war's behind all religion's including the billion's and trillion's spent in religious countries abroad of our hard earned tax dollar's by folk's that dictate us and our government, that could give a shit less about atheist's, christian's, muslim's, satanist's, pagan's, or any of these nonsensical created battle's and bitch fight's, imposed by those centuries back till this day to manipulate the mass herd of population's ... creating code's, law's, and moral's in their palace's while watching the ignorant masses fight over it, while they who create these mindset's and culture's basically screw us.

Athens is a small East Texas town not far from Dallas, I dated a gal year's back who was born and raised in the Athens vicinity, and raised a Baptist christian, and proclaimed her faith in Jesus (except in bed : ) ... she was also a big fan of heavy metal, and that lifestyle ... it's also one of the friendliest lil town's you can just happen to randomly stop by ... with warm hospitality 2nd to none, peaceful, laid back, etc ... I love those folk's down there. So when I first heard this, I wondered, what in Hell is a group out of Wisconsin worrying over some lil East Texas town, and a simple Christmas Nativity scene for? The nativity scene though goes way back to like ancient Egypt even , way before Christianity was even an idea, part of ancient mythology and Paganism actually ... long story though, that I'm not even going to bother to get into here, cause I could write a book on this it's so lengthy. But local atheist's from what I gather in Athens, are who called in the folk's from Wisconsin, so it was kind of an "invitation" type thing ... remember Athens ... there are also some non- believer's around town : )

I'm not religious at all, because of my religious opposition year's back and strong stance on free thought. Yet at the same time, none of these scene's bother me ... I cant frankly ever say that I seen a piece of art whether it's in the form of a sculpture, painting, etc ... that made me react violently, or made me feel oppressed, or got my underwear in bind over it, and sure as Hell not going to debate, argue, or fight over it. But the Nativity Scene to me, is simply part of American Christmas culture/ art ... so I welcome it 110% ... as well as all the rest of the Christmas holiday festivities, etc It's a fine story, whether it's folklore or not, or whether I believe it or not ... I also support 110% the folk's who want to have Pagan celebration's. The last Halloween/ Samhain celebration they had in the White House hosted by the First Family for instance ... it clearly had all the imagery of ancient occult paganism and ritual element to it ( I mean ... I sure as Hell would know ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ), and would be easy to look at, as a big violation of separation of church and state, yet I wouldnt try to stop it, because it's a festive time of celebration and the children have fun ... especially in these trying time's.

At the same time I understand, this is a serious issue for separation of church and state ... yet ... no ... I wouldnt go into a small town like this, and tell people of faith that they need to take down their display, and especially during the season for me would not be the appropriate time to address it. Nor would I even want to stop folk's from having this faith thing whether I believe in that particular faith or not, I look at faith sometime's as part of what pull's folk's through tough time's, but I also seen some hard thing's in life, whether it was folk's on the street or in incarceration ... I understand human's need's, so I seen first hand how faith has helped people psychologically as well. Yet at the same time, I will not tolerate religious bullying from any of these religious extremities, that may identify themselves as Christian's, I will defend my property, self, and familia when needed, but I also dont think that the majority of these faith folk's are out to persecute or bully anyone.

Earlier this evening (sunday) a lady sitting next to me on the train (rail/ subway), while going downtown to the West End entertainment district, said something like ... "Excuse me ... but has anyone ever told you, you look like Jesus?" ... I just looked at her somewhat shocked and said ... "Uhhhh ... noooo ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that's a first : )", she sayz something like ... "No ... really, it looks cool though, with your hair and goatee" I could have gotten offended I reckon, but she was cool, and it struck up some conversation is all, soon finding out, she wasnt even a religious freak or anything, it was only just something that popped up I reckon as small chat.

Other than that ... enough from me, cause I'm fixin to go to bed, and some newsread below and some audio of both sides arguing on KTRH/ Houston news/ radio ... and I still hope for the people of Athens to have their Merry Christmas, sincerely : )

***** ATHENS REVIEW: Rally for the Nativity ... (newsread)


KTRH's Morning News Talks Religion.wmv ... Thanx to KTRH NEWS



BBC said...

But the Nativity Scene to me, is simply part of American Christmas culture/ art.

Art? I say that it's brainwashing.

But I suppose even without religions mankind would still have plenty of wars, interesting form of population control to keep the numbers down.

I saw momma fucking santa clause underneath the mistletoe last night.

Ranch Chimp said...

This was not an art posting Billy, I just used them word's for my opinion. I am not brainwashed by it, and it has no affect on me one way or the other. There's a number of story book's anyone can read, if your brainwashed by it, that is the individual reader's perception I reckon. Whether it's statue's, or Barbie Doll's or whatever ... no affect on me whatsoever.

BBC said...

Interesting how you think about a lot of things, me thinks one side of your brain has gotten pretty liberal. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

One side of my brain has gotten liberal, eh? ... aint no one side getting anything actually Billy, I thought like this as long as I can remember, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it's simple and too the point in my profile, and everywhere throughout this journal. I DONT think in term's of left/ right, liberal/ conservative, or good/ evil ... I dont hold to any "side" exclusively and "think" ... "what worx". I know that may be difficuult for some to understand, because what you see for instance in so many blog's as far as "political" and "social" thinking these dayz, is folk's are either left or right ... that is something beyond my comprehension, just as much as how anyone can think in term's of good and evil? I cant even begin to understand many of these folk's that say their "liberated" or "conservative"?