Thursday, December 15, 2011

Laquisha Dansby & Erik Whitaker: "Love Gone South" (was it that Ol' Pick- Up Truck?) ... "LOVE IS IN THE AIR PT.3"

The positive part of this "Love Is In The Air" Part 3 is that no one was killed, which would have been easy to do. This I can only see as "Love Gone South". I dont know what Mr. Whitaker's motive was to make him act in this manner, charged with attempted murder and other charge's, he will have plenty of "time" to ask himself. There could be 101 reason's for these type love affair's gone wrong ... could it have been her bitching over that Ol' Pick- Up Truck? ... well ... only they know, but I thought the 2nd video I found and posted would be an appropriate dedication for this posting : )

KABC7/ LA: Man tries to run over Girlfriend, crashes into store (newsread)


***** HLN: Cops: Man crashes truck through store ... (newsvideo)

"Stupid Old Pick Up Truck- KAYLA MICHELLE" (Taylor Swift/ Picture To Burn) ... Thanx to GUITARGOOCH ... Just a video I found on YouTube that I would like to dedicate to Laquisha & Erik, I thought was fitting ...



BBC said...

Be careful out there, it's an insane world.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Billy ... only thing I need to be careful of right now is this fucked up weather were having, tryig to avoid a cold. All goddamn day nothing but rain and cold (not by your standard's probably) it's 40 degree's out now (almost 8pm here, these internet time's are not the actual time I'm in, it's west coast time for some damn reason) but it feel's cold to me ... especially out in that crap, traffic's shitty cause all that bloody holiday shopping, and I live by a major frwy intersection that get's at least 2/3 of a million car's through it a day, two major mall's and various businesses and office complexes park's, so it just get's a real mess in this part of town (I'm about 15 mile's north of downtown Dallas). Dont mind me, I was just pissed and venting.

This last summer folk's were whining about drought/ dry condition's in Texas .... and like I said at the time ... "Give it a few month's and they'll be bitching about the goddamn rain" ... I'd rather have a sunny day with 95 degree temp's dry/ low humidity any day compared to this shit! The far south Texas coast though is usually a beautiful constant this time of year, Dallas is a lil too far north unfortunately.

BBC said...

We get lots of rain here, but little cold and snow. Most days are in the low 30's in the morning to the 40's during the day.

What I hate sometimes is the lack of sunshine so I can let it admire my cock. :-)

BBC said...

I take it that your present mate is cool with your background? If so, that is cool.

Ranch Chimp said...

My wife of course know's my background. I think what a wife is concerned with most is how they are treated by their spouse, more than their spouses background. I'm the same way ... a woman's background dont mean much to me, it is our personal relationship and understanding, sharing, etc.