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RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS: 3 Different View's from American's & the Ranch Chimp ... (Self Defense PT.3)

Part 3 of "Self Defense" will look at 3 video's I chose from 3 no way connected American's on why the 2nd Amendment is so importante, and so clear that there is no need for dissection of it to try to understand it. The first is a lady who had to experience the Killeen Texas shooting massacre (her parent's were shot in it), the 2nd a civil right's icon, the 3rd a Hollywood movie actor. I post this because it is more and more popular thought in the mainstream, especially even in a Texas city like Dallas amongst many, that strictly law's and law enforcement, etc, can protect us all, and therefore gun's should be alot more restricted or even banned. Understand, when and if you come to the point in this era for example, that you have no defense, that is when you have basically lost all to preserve your safety and freedom to an extent. And what the young lady sayz below is so true when closing ... we have this right to protect ourselves strongly and properly against/ from those who represent this nation, our politician's and those who dictate them, as well as our properties and selves from criminal harm.

Example ... look at some other countries where the people have no gun's legally and when they protest are shot and killed by government order, just for voicing their opposition against the ruling parties. You say that wouldnt happen in America? Nonsense ... if folk's got too loud it would happen here, and they did at Kent State decade's ago as well to our student's. They already control the protesting like Occupy Wall Street by busting head's, and using plenty of violence against people and even on college campuses where the student's protesting pay thousand's in mainly loan's from the establishment to get an education, yet have no control over the school's they pay for to exist to begin with. They are willing to shut down your communication's or whatever else they need to do to maintain their power. One of the advantage's this country still has for the people is this right.

Also let me add, that part of inspiration for this posting came from some small chat last week with Jesse, who work's for a local Christian non- denomination Ministry here in Northwest Dallas. But Jesse couldnt clearly understand my stance on this issue, and even asked me ... "Who is trying to take away people's gun's? ..." basically wondering why folk's like myself stay so vigilant on these issue's, but what folk's like Jesse dont see is those working constantly behind the scene's trying to create more evil's out of every damn incident they can find that involve's some crime and gun's, alwayz trying to blame it on firearm's, instead of the person. Jesse and I are very different on this issue, he is confined to his stance based on his religion as a Christian, alot younger than me, and had a pretty decent life, he is anti- gun all the way, and strictly depend's on his faith in Jesus Christ to take care of those who rob or harm people, and the rest on the police, etc. I myself have been in harm's way more than once, and frankly, no one was there to look out for me but myself. The way Jesse sound's is like, if something happened to him and he was killed or whatever, the assailant would be dealt with by God and he will be in God's hand's, go to heaven because of his faith, and it's not up to him when his time come's and the Lord call's him home, etc. My thinking is quite different, and I still think if Jesse faced some of these situation's, which he never has, he might not be so quick to grasp that way of thinking. Nothing against Jesse, to each their own choice.


In Support of the Right to Bear Arms ... Thanx to LILIBERTARIAN2006

MALCOLM X on the Right to Bear Arms ... Thanx to BAYBRICK8 ... the last half of this video get's straight to the point, and what Mr. Little (aka Malcolm X) sayz especially at the end is importante ... "the government of this nation is responsible for the injustice's ..." ... for they are the one's who legislate your/ our lives. Those in our government are hired to do a goddamn job, which many lack doing, and/ or are not able to do ... that job is to represent us and related inter- departmental issue's ... not to babysit us and/ or tell us how to live our lives! You dont think we ourselves know damn well what is best for us?!! Ya'll in Washington need to back pack that shit, toss it in the Potomac River, shut up and stay focused more on doing your job's and less time telling us what the Hell is good for us!

CHARLTON HESTON on Right to Bear Arms ... Thanx to LIBERTYPEN ... The gentleman here interviewing Mr. Heston bring's up the same ole same "dispute" arguement, what this mean's? what that mean's? You have a couple line's of word's that are as clear as day, that need no dissection, yet this guy has a stack of paper's in front of him the size of a small town phone book to analyze and dissect this. I realize what Jefferson and those meant, but dont look at the time's as anything like of their time's, so I dont try to relate to what they were thinking, and they were all slave owner's as well. 2011 America has many more crime danger's as well for the average citizen, and law enforcement cannot protect you for the most part. As far as the murder rate he talk's about ... your going to have murder anywayz, and be again more vulnerable due to the era. At this point and era, you sure dont want to just outlaw or pull away gun's and right's, if you do, you will maybe even see a higher crime and murder rate due to the setting of this current society. The leader's in those time's of Jefferson were nothing like those who lead today either. Some of the spineless shit today we refer to as leadership quality is a joke, or can you trust some of them any further than you can throw them. If anything, right now, gun's/ defense are needed more than any other time in American history.

Also let me state that I am NOT a gun fanatic at all, but realize the condition of the time's and a good thing when I have it. I dont run around talking about gun's either to folk's that dont like them, as a matter of fact most folk's I know personally dont carry gun's or have any interest in them. I have encouraged more women than any to carry for self defense, but at the same time knew several gal's who simply didnt like gun's for one reason or another ... no biggie ... I showed several other defense weapon's you can utilize ... screwdriver's and boxcutter's are excellent for close contact related assault's, which usually gal's fall prey to when they do, and knowing the importante area's of the human body to go for when using these defense tool's.

Other than that, I'm fixin to get some damn sleep ....

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