Monday, December 17, 2012


***** CNN/ U.S. : Investigators probe gun, computer use of Connecticut school shooter ... various update's, link's, video's of current concerning this event


Weekly Address: Nation Grieves for Those Killed in Tragic Shooting in Newtown, CT ... Thanx to INFOMISA


Thomas Hudson Pickering (with daughter) aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

The numbness and nausea of a reality like this will not go away any time soon for those familia's of the victim's and especially being it is such a small close knit community ... you will remember and feel it at time's at random throughout the rest of your life ... and even just as randomly break down into tear's at the slightest reminder at any given time, and my heart goes out to those, because I know it is a misery you will have to live with. At the same time this is an awakening time as well, as to the current reality that we live in.

The President is responding to this the best that he can, and my heart goes out to him as well as far as having to deal with trying to find a solution to this, with all the other thing's that he has to deal with, as a human, he can only do so much. As far as these anti- gun folk's that been blaming the President for contributing to this by not previously banning assault weapon's or the related talk ... as well as those who are pro- gun trying to stall any kind of ban or further regulation's on these high powered military type defense weapon's, and constantly yapping that this President is a socialist only concerned with disarming American's ... both of ya'll go fuck yourselves. The lobby against such in Washington against any restriction's is also understand, only doing so, strictly because of the business/ monetary end of assault weapon's sales in this nation, it hasnt a bloody thing to do with American's being able to defend themselves ... none of these people live in the reality of what most of us have to live in anywayz.

The bottom line is that there is no quick fix or solution to any of this any time soon, the solution has to come with time and cooperation and most importantely be extra vigilant to the violent condition we have. The reason I called these who strike "sweetheart's", is simply because they all are alwayz portrayed as the withdrawn, quiet, smiling, passive, sweetheart type's by those who knew them, the guy in Portland just a few dayz prior to this who went into a shopping mall and started shooting was described as real sweet etc, etc ... the guy that shot Congresswoman Giffords alwayz has a big happy go lucky smile, the Batman movie character in Colorado, another happy go lucky goofball with razzle dazzle hair and innocent look's, this last nutjob in Connecticut of course also withdrawn, shy, and all the other loving bullshit ... none of these people actually have any worthwhile reason to do what they do, like actual revenge for being wronged or anything, in many cases, just mentally challenged spoiled brat's, who are emotionally weak and oversensitive with parent's who could afford to pamper them and spend an arm and leg to send them through college or whatever, and almost all with more time on their hand's than they know what to do with, which allow's them to dwell into fantasies and conspiracies against them and/ or other form's of paranoia, etc, etc Then you will have the other's that will be encouraged to come out of the closet and try their hand to see if they can harm or kill more than the last one, etc, etc. Understand that these type's are more sensitive on thing's that most folk's are not to, a simple little thing like rejection from a mate or something can set them off even, even if it has nothing to do with you.

You cant think in just term's of right and left when trying to challenge this, again ... as I point out throughout this series and journal, balance and a real look at the condition and mutual across the line's work and goal's are needed, the President for instance is alot like myself as far as being bipartisan in thought, and again he stated that this is not something to be looked at politically and/ or this left/ right thing, this partisan divide which we almost have in our genes is a destructive germ to our society actually as I have pointed out time and again in this journal, created by the same 3 entities that control our government, market's, and damn near everything else. You have to deal with this and use strategies from different angle's. The idea of those who say that we can just ban all gun's and disarm America is as pointless and dumb as thinking that arming the entire country can stop this, again ... you will never be able to even try to gather up over 200+ million LEGAL weapon's that are already out there, and you still are not addressing the issue's that inspire these random act's of violence. Nor is the answer just being passive to this, and trying to address violence with non- violence ... sometime's you HAVE to meet violence and respond with violence, plain and simple. We ALL need to be more vigilant on this ... if your pro- gun ... get armed and stay armed, if you have to even carry gun's illegally on the job, DO SO ... put it this way ... would you rather be facing a charge of an illegal concealed weapon, or be laying dead in a morgue? For those who dont like gun's at all, find other wayz to defend yourselves and stay vigilant in any way you can to try to halt some of this, whether it's to report suspicious character's or anything else you can do to help.

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***** POST NOTE: I just needed to add this, to explain the difficulty of this situation and "why" a ban on assault weapon's is not a fix all solution, okay(?) ... and bless folk's heart's like Sen. Feinstein of California who been pounding like a dope fiend trying to break in a vending machine ... she mean's well and all that, but frankly she is on an agenda and has been for year's and only know's ONE THING, which is "GUN'S KILL", it could be a pea shooter and she would like freak! : ) Feinstein over 20 year's ago or so as mayor of San Francisco was SO DESPERATE to cover her anti- gun agenda ... that she actually unintentionally slipped in a news conference and gave all the key information/ evidence out that was kept secret by LA County Sheriff's when the "Night Stalker" (Rick Ramirez) started doing his killing's up in the Bay Area, after she WAS BRIEFED to NOT do so by LACS homicide crew, and agreed to it, knowing how critical it would be to the investigation to capture the serial killer, if it was released ... after she released accidently the evidence that they knew connected Rick to the killing's ... more people ended up dead, and Rick threw his shoes (they had print's/ mold's of) as well as the incriminating gun into the San Francisco Bay (never was found) so understand ... if there is a pod with a few pea's missing, it is Sen Feinstein as far as "reality" is concerned, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) she was hoping that the serial killer Rick, didnt read the paper's or listen/ view the news she said .... duuuuhhh : ) Mayor and Super Nanny Bloomberg of New York, of course another fruit loop, but I dont even like that SOB, he's the one that send's out tactical NYPD unit's to bust the head's of kid's and beat women who protest Wall Street peacefully ... he's a piece of shit as far as I'm concerned, just for doing that ALONE! ... so his rant doesnt get a bit of respect from me.

Look, if FBI statistic's alone mean anything of value, even when we had the ban on assault weapon's from the Clinton era, it really didnt make much difference as far as aggravated gun assault's, robberies, etc,  nationwide, bottom line ... so this is WHY I say dont look for that as a fix to the problemo ... bottom line here ... if you dont have an assault weapon that can fire 45 round's per minute with 30 to 100 round clip's, or even any rifle, or even a semi auto clip handgun ... you can use a revolver with speed loader's and still get a significant score of bodies, with just a lil planning modification's ... and if you DONT have gun's at all, there are more wayz than you can shake a stick at and being creative to kill masses of people, I dont need to write about here, get my drift?

Which bring's me to the change we have in society of current with all the corrupt  corporatization of our government, the push for austerity, cutting social programme's, etc, etc, etc all of which help fuel the frustration too of those with a chip on their shoulder. Mental Health funding has been cut drastically nationwide as well ... and Texas is about the worst of the worst on it, example being if say "roughly" that $110 per person is spent in need of help as a nationwide average for most state's to spend ... Texas only being a lil over $30 per patient ... ding- ding- ding ... yep, that's a big amount especially since Texas has well over 25/ 26 million people too ... but another sweetheart in Texas ... Gov. Rick Perry (not related to you Rick, "guitarist of Gammacide" since you may be reading this as we were discussing my blog this last weekend in Arlington over at Brad's shop with Dave, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh  : ) helped legislate cutting something like even $25 more million from that in the annual state budget ... ole Rick (bless his heart as well) of course isnt dealing with a full deck of card's either ... he has been intoxicated primarily in his older age with the Holy Spirit of course, so ole Rick even need's some of those mental health dollar's himself : )

I just wanted to add that to make the above piece a lil less vague sounding, as to where I wuz comin from, eh?

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BBC said...

As 'arsenals' go mine is pretty puny. My two big caliber guns are black powder guns and not at all useful in combat situations, they are just for the sport of black powder shooting.

My other guns are .22's and pellet guns, but if hell breaks out around me maybe they will do the trick, I don't know, I just hope hell doesn't break out around me.

BBC said...

If governments wasn’t stupid they would ban the making of assault rifles. It’s easier to control a gun factory than it is to track and control all the guns after they are made.

Ranch Chimp said...

I like .22's Billy! ... their fun for plinking, and cheap for ammo : ) Dont worry about all Hell breaking loose up where your at Billy, your in good hand's there, very pro gun in rural Washington, so there's plenbty of defense for ya and ya'll's neighbour's ... I think the cities area's are more vulnerable, or at least will be in time, out there if someone's in your hood shooting, mother fucker's will just blow their ass away ... in the city, gunless folk's will call 911 be on hold and wait for a court order to see if they can load their gun first, and ask the killer for a driver's liscense/ ID and patience while waiting for the cop's, maybe even hug the killer or pray for them, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Hell Billy ... this is the land of milkin money, and if no gun factory is making gun's here ... you can bet folk's in other countries will make them to inport here just like they do dope or counterfeit product's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... and you 'show' wont need a background check or even an ID to buy them from your local homey distributor : )

Thank You for your input here Billy ....

BBC said...

True, I have friends that have plenty of guns if I need one to use.

Mankind won't come to a good solution, we'll just continue destroying ourselves.

BBC said...

Many see guns as something evil, I don't, I see them as something I have to have in case evil decides to fuck with me.