Sunday, December 9, 2012

SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (FUNNY FARM REPORT) A "Fart- Busting Filibuster" ... "Flip- Flopping Faster than a pre- paid Flunky (Portrait of a DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.6)

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

I didnt even plan on doing a posting this morning, and only miserable due to this artic cold front that will arrive in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex later this afternoon, beside's only being able to look forward to some great NFL football game's today ... but this really fucked with my funny bone this morning while browsing the news. When I think I got these folk's all figured out, I realize that I DONT ... this is a perfect example : ) Despite all the criticism I give these folk's on Capitalism Hill ... I frankly dont even think I could endure the shit that they go through myself ... I mean ... looking at some of it, I dont think I could last a week! After getting in to work on the floor for a couple hour's with this crew ... I wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, wind my watch, or put a .357 Magnum to my head ... In this case with Senator McConnell's move here ... I probably would have farted! : )

Mitch McConnell filibusters his own bill ... Thanx to TPMTV

Sanders Speaks Out for Filibuster Reform ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


***** POST NOTE (monday 10 Dec 2012): One of the most hilarious part's to this current crowd we have ... is many are in the media's right now, such as political show's like "Meet the Press" actually already talking 2016 ... who will be more popular out of these two side's?, and who will be able to run against who? etc. etc come 2016. The GOP is pressuring the Administration big time the last couple dayz to push "entitlement" cut's ... and the Administration hate's to have to go there ... and the GOP know's this, which is exactly why they push so hard, because they know, when the final word comes down, they want the Dem's to be holding the bag when the people wake up and catch it and get pissed ... it will be a miracle if it dont either, as I said in my earlier posting's ... you may not hear about it much, but after these election's, they are going to shaft us knee deep in our asses on these thing's like entitlement's, and Hell NO, your deduction's, rate's, or a damn other thing will go down, or you will get nothing of a sliver more for ANYTHING ya'll give, nor will it make a damn thing more secure, stable or a damn thing else, but just become an open slippery slope door once they get it through to pull on your ass, over and over and over down the line heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  And Dem's are trying to avoid this like a fucken plague too : ) while Rep's want them to agree to leave them holding the bag on it, and both side's deep down inside know that they been trying to figure out a way to mildly slip this to the masses (to take up for the thing's that they DONT want to cut due to corporate lobby pressures), now with this highly publicized "fiscal cliff" shit, they all get the opportunity to ... all again of course a diversion (as I pointed out in past posting's with similar "cliff" scenario's, and how they kick the can down the road to leave it "opened" and "unsolved" .... like a basic street con : )  to really not focus on the true thing's that need to be cut and reformed such as Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Alan Grayson, or other more hardline defender's of our democracy point out in various session's.

But as I was pointing out to a few folk's locally yesterday while explaining this game to them ... it is almost pointless for these two side's, especially the GOP to even go there, as far as who will be liked or not come 2016 ... they are fucking up bigtime with the shit that they pull to begin with, and all those who are, are being made everyday by million's of American's, especially "voter's" with their slip's and carelessness that they make here and there ... they will need a Hell of a scandal pop show come 2016 at the rate their going to try to cover up the bullshit their pulling now, because million's of folk's, especially the younger generation's are getting so hip/ keen to this game it aint funny ... folk's like my generation though, they still have many of us locked in, based on this is all we ever known and played, etc, etc .... kind of like habit ...heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... and a bad habit at that : ) So to ya'll on Capitalism Hill ... you may be able to pull this on most American's most of the time ... but your time is limited and your game ... bank on it : ) These key parties and candidate's will either CHANGE and REFORM their wayz ... or be replaced in time ... ya'll can bank on that ... a new era will arrive, and probably sooner than I previously wrote and anticipated at that : ) What they dont see yet, is how their digging their own grave's. You can go down as a martyr or even a mockery, ya'll chose to make and play the game ... make good now while you still have at least a chance, or you will regret it later ... mark my word : )


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