Thursday, December 13, 2012

DAVE BRUBECK: Rancher, Veterinarian, Veteran, Activist & JAZZ GIANT ... "DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET- "Take The A Train", "Take Five" & "40 Days"

Dave & crew ....

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is to highlight and honour one of the biggest influence's on western pop music from R&B to rock and everything in between on both side's of the Atlantic Ocean, from Motown to Nashville to the British Invasion ... Mr. Dave Brubeck! and what an iconic figure this man is in the world of jazz. And what a colourful life Dave had on his cruise through life, but this man known well for his "Take Five" piece, has certainly taken eternity as well ... and will continue to inspire the genre's of contemporary music for generation's to come in sound and spirit! Dave's sound's also were very influencial to me as a kid like James Brown was, a jazz that could blend into about everything that we created to this day, one of my specialties was Blues Harp's of course, however ... most of my unconventional style was based more off upbeat jazz pattern's than say "blue's" actually ... of course I also loved to cover harp solo piece's like Magic Dick's "Whammer Jammer" (J.Geils Band), which I was frequently asked to do, and when covering rock vocal's loved Diamond Dave & early Van Halen as well ... again ... because of the strong jazz infuence to such ... I alwayz liked it snazzy, smooth, quick, and jazzy ... Dave Brubeck was a childhood cornerstone of that to me ... and no doubt to so many of todayz contemporary music genre's from J.G Thirlwell to Diamanda Galas to Jimmy Page to Lady GaGa and on and on. Brubeck and jazz is the root's of it all as like Django Reinhardt and Muddy Waters/ Sonny Boy Williamson ... and Dave was the best of the best at making anything work, and very unconventional in composition.

In a way ... Dave was also a type of activist in civil rights as well ... being that he incorporated black musician's in his crew at a time when it wasnt very popular ... I mean ... after all ... music is an art, and colour blind ... it all feed's to each other and inspire's and fuel's the next and new from culture to culture ... Dave was breaking barrier's in this before it was popular to. His music also saved him from the front line's when he served in WW2 overseas ... and what a better service to our country and comrade's than entertaining our troop's too! Enough from me and onto this legend ... and Thank You Sir ... Enjoy!

**** SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE/ SF GATE: Dave Brubeck, jazz giant, dies at 91





Dave Brubeck- Take The A Train (Live in 1966) ... Thanx to HOS42

Dave Brubeck- Take Five 1966- ... Thanx to DUC DE BOURGOGNE

Dave Brubeck Quartet- 40 Days ... Thanx to IGOR SHENDEROVICH

A Musician of His Time: Remembering Jazz Great David Brubeck ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


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