Thursday, December 20, 2012

BRENT TROY BARTEL: Holy Day OBSERVATION'S & REQUIREMENT'S ... Shocking or Senseless? ... Demonic or Disturbing? (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.3)

Brent Troy Bartel

Part 3 of the "Problem Parent's" series will look at another local Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex case in the suburb of Richland Hills (which I believe is Tarrant County?) ... it may not seem as serious as say ... throwing your kid off of a freeway overpass or super- glueing your kid to a wall, then kicking the living shit out of it ... but to me ... this is serious, and obviously to the judge who set Mr. Bartel's bail it was as well ... setting it at a whopping $500, 000 ... which is the highest bond that I frankly have ever seen for an assault case ... this was aggravated though and on familia member's. And also for the record Mr. Bartel is innocent until PROVEN guilty in the court of law let me add ... however ... I am only writing what the man said he done in the recording below and what his wife said, etc, etc ... he called 911 to say that he inscribed a pentagram into his 6 year old son's back with a boxcutter. Why did he "call" 911 if he thought that it was okay, and only out of observance of a holy day? The kid will be fine ... physically speaking, and it wasnt deep enough to require stitches or anything, but my point here, is the "psychological" long term effect it can and will have on the child, okay? This isnt something as simple as tattoo- ing the child (although I am opposed to even tattooing a child at that), and using a boxcutter rest assured can really be a painful experience.

Some see this as shocking, yet I see it as senseless ... some see it as demonic ... but I see it as disturbing. Mr. Bartel simply sayz that he done this in some type of observance of some holy day/ holiday or whatever ... a holy day that I am unfamiliar with, not to mention what religion require's this sort of shedding of "innocent" blood? ... and I have been around satanist's, and just about every mainstrem type of pagan's and their coven's,  as well as so many catholic's as well ... so I'm totally lost here ... I dont know of anyone in any of these belief's mentioned above, that have this type of ritualistic duty to fulfill ... period ... and I been around these folk's for at least 4 decade's myself ... even the underground type coven's who are very occult (as far as obscure and concealed) and "private", based strictly on tradition ONLY ... not like because they have something to hide ... other mainstream religious group's/ order's/ coven's/ grotto's, and even such as mormon's, mason's etc, etc ... also have "private" member's only ceremonies ... so it isnt to hide, but tradition ONLY.

Mr. Bartel should feel grateful here as well, because his wife had every right to defend her son if she chose to, meaning she could have killed Mr. Bartel, and I would bet that NO JURY in Texas would have indicted or convicted her, it would be clearly self defense.  As a dad myself and a grandparent and Texan, personally I dont really give a shit what kind of fucken religion this is if I were the judge here, or about religious freedom in any of this, or any of the mental handicap's that are alwayz brought up in these cases over and over and over ... this crosses the line and should be dealt with period, I dont even understand these excuses or reason's in any of these type cases, so I dont feel there is a bloody thing to even debate on, as so many alwayz do in these type cases.

Enough said ....

Texas Man Carves Pentagram Sigel On His 6yr. Son's Back (12- 12- 12) ... Thanx to MIDWEEKPOLITICS

***** 5NBCDFW.COM: Father Carves Pentagram into Son on 12- 12- 12: Police (newsread/ video ... and full call's/ recording's to 911 both from Mr. & Mrs. Bartel)


***** PD/ RCJ: "KILLER PARENT'S" series ... this is just a related series of parent's who go one step further over the line killing their children


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