Tuesday, November 13, 2012

KHANDI LEECHELL BUSBY: Texas Mother FREED after GOD Tell's her to THROW her two Son's off a Freeway Overpass to "Save Them" from SATAN (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.2)

Khandi Leechell Busby

Part 2 of the "Problem Parent's" series will be another local case here in Dallas of a mom that threw her 2 children off a freeway overpass in March 2008 and jumping herself, after God told her to do it in order to save her children from Satan and the Military ... and her release from jail now. Some news link below then a few word's I will add.

***** CBS NEWS/ CRIMESIDER: Khandi Busby Was Legally Insane When She Threw Her Kids off Dallas- Area Bridge, Says Judge

In a big town like Dallas, this kind of thing dont get much coverage of course, yet I feel it should get more atencion ... it's not as exciting I reckon as, hearing the latest about an Army General/ CIA fella having a girlfriend on the side and/ or his love/ sex life, or if a political representive happen's to have a copy of their birth certificate in their wallet on hand, etc, etc. I didnt even find a goddamn news video on this! Whether or not you agree or disagree with the court's/ judge's decision in a case like this, if YOU DO actually think about your/our children, you must wonder at some time, where is the justice and right's for children? ... frankly children and the poor and elderly are about the most neglected and abused by our so called loving society. The only positive thing for these 2 boys of her's was that they actually got out in foster care, yet ... how will they think the rest of their lives, perhap's having recount nightmare's even, of the day their mother threw them off a freeway overpass during rush hour in Dallas at the age's of 6 and 8?, cause dont think they will just forget it, they WONT, or that you can dope em up like their mother with med's and everything will be fine and dandy.

Looking at the above photo of Ms. Busby, you would just think she is another happy smiling average mom, and would no doubt feel safe having her around your kid's at that, which is understanding, she look's very pleasant. So you dont have to look mean or scary to be a threat, but this type of woman is a threat to every child in the community in my opinion, period! As far as her incarceration/ time period the last couple year's on this ... what "time"? there wasnt any, she was found "not guilty" with reason being "insanity". She appear's to have gained 100 pound's or so looking at her book in photo's and release date photo's like above, been doing gravy train time if anything while sitting on a psych observation ward, with cable tele, google, and plenty of treat's like Twinkies etc, etc. What make's you so goddamn special lady? I know gal's who worked the "hoe- squad" in Gatesville in the field's in 95+ degree heat ... hard work man! ... and they didnt even do any of these type crime's or tortured children or what have you. Those male/ female who ever worked the farm's while doing time know what I'm talking about ... having to fight to make your stand and "earn" your respect, yet people like you get special treatment? The problemo you have here, especially in Texas, is over 95% of these cases where children are tortured and murdered, notice that they all play the same defense ... they are almost "alwayz" bipolar and under order's from God ... does anyone in these court's even see this? This is NOT fair, balanced, rational, liberated, or even justifies any use of common sense for that matter, it is pure neglect and stupidity. We have people up in arm's over a teacher these dayz who has consentual sex with a teen student, or a parent who simply spank's their child, and we want to hang them and every network in media cover's it, all talking about how evil this person is and how they need to go to prison for 20 to life, yet these cases are dealt with hearing testimonies at the trial's of how hard the parent must have had it, boo- hoo, boo- hoo, the prosecution might as well break out the Kleenex every time to pass around the court to sop up all the tear's for the defendant ... what about the victim/ children?

Now Ms. Busby will live in a boarding home here in Dallas all expenses paid, and at the cost of us tax payer's while her kid's have to randomly remember that day their mom threw them off the freeway bridge, and subconciously wonder will their mom ever find them and perhap's hurt or kill them? Those thing's that happen to children that are that traumatic has an impact on the child's mind for year's to come in some way, whether they say it or not. It's no suprise to me that Ms. Busby is all smile's and happy in her release date photo above.

Enough said here ....


***** PD/ RCJ: "KILLER PARENT'S" Series **** this just another series concerning the issue's of lousy parent's, those these have resulted in death of the children



Infidel753 said...

The kids would have been better off with Satan.

Hard to tell if she was genuinely crazy or if this is just one of those judges who has a soft spot for the "God told me to do it" claims.

At least the kids survived. It must have been a fairly low overpass.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: being better off with Satan? ... you got a point as scary as these fundamoralist's are ... Satan is a "sweetheart" compared : )

The overpass thing ... one of those basic lower passes, yes, just the standard that crosses as street's, which are roughly 2 stories (I'm using roughly 10'ft to account for one story) which across the nation over US Hwy's and Interstate's are about such as a standard height. If you notice when on a Portland Frwy for instance, when you approach the overpass you will see marking's above on the bottom of it to tell you that "clearance" is about 14'/ 16' ft and so many "inches ... which are there and standard for large cargo/ load's 18-wheeler's, etc. I'm pretty sure it was one of them off the RL Thornton Frwy if I recall that run's up through East Dallas.

Thanx for your input here Infidel ....