Saturday, November 3, 2012

MS. LADY LUCK & FORTUNA: Dropping a BUCK & The Nick of LUCK ... "The $23 MILLION PAYDAY" ... (HELLUVA F'N DAY PT.5)


This is just a Helluva fucken story that I'm sure Ms. Lady Luck will never forget the rest of her life remembering the day she found out, and thinking what if she didnt till after the deadline? ... so worthy of being in this "Helluva F'n Day" series, and congrat's to this mystery woman, and Big Thanx to the store's surveillance camera's and the local LA media's who put her picture out public soon enough to claim before the deadline date. This dropping of a dollar and meeting with the ancient Goddess of Fortune "Fortuna" just is the right chemistry of chance and luck for sure : ) This is another reason why you should check your ticket's, and another case where big brother's electric surveillance eye worked out in the best interest's of those who are watched and/ or recorded : )

Enough from me and the story below : )

Lucky Lottery Winner's Last- Minute $23 Million Claim ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

***** HUFFPOST/ GOOD NEWS: California Lottery Winner: Woman Claims $23 Million Jackpot Set To Expire This Month (newsread/ video)



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