Saturday, November 10, 2012

JIM HIGHTOWER: "Conspiracy of Thieves ... BIG SHOT'S, BASTARD'S, & BULLSHITTER'S" ...Constitutionally Amending "CITIZENS UNITED" ... Straight from the Ranch with Jim ... (THE AWAKENING PT. 27)

Jim Hightower

Part 27 of "The Awakening" series will be to highlight a recent speech in Wisconsin from fellow Texan Jim Hightower, who explain's clearly with no sugar- coating what our nation is up against ... and credit here to Jim for inspiring the title of this posting in most part. The reason for posting this now, is because the left of this nation is in great spirit's since President Obama won re- election, and of course folk's like Elizabeth Warren now to the Senate, and the right is weeping like sad puppies talking thing's like the apocalypse/ the end is near, socialism, etc, etc. And it's great that the President won and all that ... BUT ... America's battle is just starting 2013, believe me ... so a lil celebration is of course called for, but it's time to get back to the slave (work) for 2013 a.s.a.p.

Understand that in this last circus show election, it was the most money spent on an election, and those who "spent" that money are NOT stupid ... so DONT think that they just "lost", and let bygone's be bygone's, etc, etc ... again ... think "like" them. What they done is simply another investment and gamble to "secure" the next helpin of barbequed bullshit and fixin's, in this all you can eat buffet that's being crammed down America's throat, which is why I been posting previously to be aware of the next several inches that is going to be shoved up our asses 2013 and beyond. Why? is because all these investment's also secure's Washington's politic's somewhat, because all those they funded/ greased the most, now OWE something back ... that "something" will be strongly considered in ALL legislation to even further secure all this new industrial revolutionary type shit they are doing with fracking, mining, and drilling the shit out of what land is left above water (and even now way beneath the water's with their new technologies) to making their too big to fail entities even bigger, to having a stronger legislative voice than the actual legislator's, not only in our nation, but worldwide.

As I previously posted in various post's ... the importance of undoing this so called "united citizen's" posse bullshit should be at top of our agenda ... and because of our new "awakening" we already have plenty of people at work on various avenue's, so there can never be enough of this as far as exposing the reality that we are faced with and especially enlightening our children even more. The power's that are against our democracy are doing what's in their best interest, and we should also do what's in OUR best interest's ... nothing is more solid contractually than amending the Constitution to stop this reckless muscle and madness.

Enough from me and on to Jim who give's it about as straight as you can get!

Jim Hightower at Fighting Bob Fest 2012 ... Thanx to ONTHEEARTHPRODUCTION


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