Monday, July 18, 2011


This posting is because of another disappointment in today's news to me ... that is clearly nothing but more GOP/ Corporate political strongarming, nothing less! It is clear in the HuffPost news and link's below what is happening here, in this stunt, 44 Republcan Senator's basically wont let Prof. Warren run the agency, bottom line.

What you have is folk's telling us they have the best product's in the world for consumer's, whether it's insurance, financing, or whatever we consume in mass ... they want no competition beside's their own circle, they dont want any regulation, or protection's to the consumer's, they want to call all lawsuit's against any of them frivolous, and dont want to assume any responsibility for their product's, and they want to use a large portion of their earning's to buy up the nation like an auction and eliminate the only voice of American's which is our representation.

Look, I dont have a problem with Richard Cordray ... but Prof. Warren built this agency ... and I am grateful to have a "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" ... and I like Warren, she's tough and get's the job done, and I'm sure the President agree's. Again, the lobbyist's of mostly too big to fail power's have this all controlled through the GOP (she scare's the shit out of them!) ... and frankly it's bullshit! As far as I'm concerned Warren built it, she has the experience, she's the architect, she should run it! However, she is said to be running for Senator(?) ... uh- huh ... Enough said

HUFFPOST POLITICS: Richard Cordray to lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... The newsread and link's here will clearly show you what the Hell is going on, on this ...

ELIZABETH WARREN/ KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL ... Calling the GAME on Failure, Fact's, Vs Blind Faith ... PART 1 ... This video's and read will serve as Elizabeth Warren PT.1



an average patriot said...

I caught this a couple times today. I thought he was a good pick. Lot of talking points with Jeopardy. You know what sucks about the Repugs is they get away with their crap!

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim ... I have read up some on Cordray, and I'm sure he also will meet folk's on the lobby side that wont be even pleased enough with him. But I knew as I posted in the last posting's, that if and when the GOP got enough power, one of their first objective's will be to shut her down and this agency/ bureau any way they can, and to what they would call "reform", any type whatsoever of ANY and ALL consumer protection's, The GOP Jim is basically on their privatization one ruler rule's all warpath, and I hope to Hell, that every American that DOES get off their asses to vote in 2012 remember's all this slithering shit. There's no conspiracy, as I said before, they dont need one, or any secret's, they just do whatever the Hell they want in the open and frankly dont give a shit what anyone thinx. These are the same folk's who say, give us hundred's of billion's, then tell you after you give it ... they dont know where it is or who it went to, then when were broke, they buy us out with our own money. When you deal with vermin this bold, you must respond boldly.

I been in and out off here all day, and off again ... Thanx for your input here Jim, and I'll stop by later to see wassup on your end.

Weaseldog said...

I had hoped she'd be staying on. I knew it was a vain hope. But i hoped just the same.

The Republican goal will be to get someone in that office that they can get embroiled in a scandal, or is so inept either by incompetence or intent, that they ruin the agency.

Cordray may not be that person, but at least he's not Warren. His name isn't well known. He likely doesn't have her influence or reputation. So by getting him appointed, they've brought the agency down a peg.

Weaseldog said...

Thought you might like to know about this RC.

Don Gabbert and Jed Marum are great local performers. It'll be a fun night.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey WD/ Jack ... the link you provided doesnt work for me, page not found, etc I will look up the name, just got back in and of course, it's another typical hot summer day here on the ranch.

You got a point Jack as far as the Rep's or whoever, trying to get scandalous folk's to target, (they fear Warren on every level) because one positive for sure, is that the agency/ bureau exist's and is already constructed, they would have loved to stop that, get too many GOP in office Bud ... and they will try to fail the entire department, most likely using budget spending cutback's, reform this or that shit talk reason's (the only thing need's reform, is their asses!), they are attacking everything this nation has that secure's any of the public mass. Then these bastard's have the nerve to try to take the SSI money offshore to invest in f'n foreign market's!! How is the ole Texas tradition for dealing with these piece's of shit Jack? ... Oh yeah ... "Get a Rope! ..."

Weaseldog said...

Yeah, I don't discuss many historical solutions online or even in friendly company. But I do recognize that our system is so thoroughly corrupt that it will never be fixed through any other means.

I always understand that I don't need to do anything, because they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Out of a population of almost 400 million people, there will be many more folks on the edge that will take action as things worsen.

You probably need a face book account to view the previous ling.

This link might work better for you.

Four Dinners said...

Over there or over here or over anywhere....

Politicians = corruption.

They're all at it.

Me? Cynical? Get away!

winsomedove said...

just saying hello mr ranchchimp. lost old browser and all my saved favorites and have been too lazy (and other stuff) to download new browser and start searching. your blog has a new look and some new readers - both awesome! nothing new up on my place but have been checking out some new locals so hopefully something soon... rock on sir!
PS. if i ever make it to texas i will most def be in touch. have a friend in NM maybe make it a twofer

Ranch Chimp said...

Four Dinners, Good Morning .... as far as the corruption ... they just make legislation these dayz to make what they do legal, it was wrong when they shut down the ganster's year's back ... then they took over their businesses and made it all right. I know your sharp and sane ... if you worked Heathrow for a couple decade's, then took on a business being a driving instructor in the London area, and being a punk rock fan! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias Senorita Winsomedove ... Good to hear from ya dear, and New Mexico is so beautiful too, I been all over it. But indeed I would like to see you if you made it down this way, and share some site's and sound's with you ... and of course ... take you out for some good old TexMex dinner and cerveza.

I'll be checking in on your site and hope to see ya up. Thanx for stopping by Girl!