Friday, July 8, 2011

NURSE WITH WOUND: ... "Bottom Feeder", "I've plummed this whole Neighborhood", and "She and Me fall Together" ...

Steve Stapleton

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be to honour a London icon in the underground scene of industrial, ... "Nurse with Wound", and of course Mr. Steve Stapleton ... I myself have so much of this artist in my home collection, and have followed them closely for 3 decade's at least, at the top's of my list in this genre. But I just shouldnt say "industrial" I reckon ... their recipe is such a dark spirited avante- garde type sound ... in a class of their own, really a unique stand though in this. I also want to take a look at not only the composition here, but my admiration of the visual art's concept's that they are legendary for as well in their own class.

Of course being choosey and selective as I am ... (and selfish :) ... I chose a few of my favourite's of so many that I was so grateful to be able to find on YouTube, and Special Thanx to Ya'll credited below for sharing these ... Sincerly!! ... Enjoy!


NURSE WITH WOUND: ... "Bottom Feeder" ... Thanx to OPALSONGS

NURSE WITH WOUND: ... "I've plummed this whole Neighborhood" ... Thanx to NEGATRON

NURSE WITH WOUND: "She and Me fall Together" ... Thanx to ISAYNUKEM


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