Friday, July 8, 2011


This piece I got from "An Average American Patriot" 3rd hand, which was an interesting read to say the least, at least enough for me to want it posted on it's own, yet connected for reference to the "Debt Crisis PT.1" piece posted. AAP note's that he has no idea where it came from, being anonymous ... nor will I verify anything in it, but for me it's a must read. I dont have any comment's on this piece to contribute beside's what I commented on the posting itself.

****It can be a COMPELLING READ as well for some, however THIS IS IT ... Enjoy!



The reason for this addition is to point out some thing's that I have indirectly or piece by piece in various posting's throughout this journal, because of the "feeling" of hopelessness that also plague's our overall society on these thing's. I'll try to make this simple as I can.

UPDATE SUN. 10 JULY 2011: I also want to add here before reading this, that something does not add up to any of this so called budget crisis sudden urge. What I mean is the economy has been shit for a few year's now (and NO ... NOT because of President Obama ... it took year's before that and reckless foreign spending and deregulation to get to that). Bottom line, you know the debt ceiling has to be raised, you know we have obligation's to those who have backed us, despite what nation they are, and to our people ... but this rush to use this as a tool to have a budget deal made is foul, okay? We know we need budget reform, but why all right now? Why couldnt that wait? I cant figure out what all is going on ... YET, because so much remain's invisible, but will come out in time, but I would hope that this isnt a scam as well by even paid democrat's with republican's to create a state of fear, then act like they are trying to do something for the people, only to throw in the towel after a week or two of arguing on camera, then tell us that they had no choice, but to go with entitlement reform/ cut's. (they pulled the same thing with the public option, if you recall). The President's move's dont make sense either, so I'm missing something here. But this has got to end somewhere's, I, like million's of other American's are sick and tired of these political game's year after year, and trying to figure out like I am here what kind of shit are they cooking up next. We gave all these way too much time frankly.

We know exactly what the problem's are in this nation ... we know that the political rat race is failing operating the way they do, not on issue's, but only on political power/ grandstanding, and supporting the agenda of their biggest contributor's only, we know what major problem's there are in the economy as far as spending where and on what. We have more tool's today in this country than we ever had in the past, especially the power of this social networking shit, we know we need to revolt this cesspool in some way ... but can be as dysfunctional as our government, simply because we let simple issue's dominate our thought, which lead's to frustration and lack of confidence. There is such a thing as being over confident of course ... but we truly dont even act or even exercise our freedom of choice's. I mean ... we follow some of these loser's as if were under the spell of a Pied Piper, it's gotten insane! And look at some of this incompetence we follow and let direct us in mass, I mean seriously ... take a close look at some of these folk's ... what is so special and elite about someone who cant get shit together? ... who simply sayz whatever we tell them to say to please our mind's at that. What kind of leader's ... well ... dont lead? That's about as dumb as giving your money to some church/ preacher thinking it will get you a prime seat in heaven. The majority of folk's ARENT born this goddamn dumb ... we actually through our action's chose this way we act. Geeezzz .... middle class folk's balance what little budget's they live on better than any of these wasteful overspender's in Washington, meaning ... you can do a better job than them!

Look at the public option deal we got screwed out of in so called HCR, by the Democrat's turning on their supporter's ... and this compromise stupidity shit that we tolerated ... WTF is wrong with ya'll Democrat's that threw in the goddamn towel on this? It's simple ... here it is ... you stand firm, not cower like a goddamn chicken shit, and tell them straight up ... "The people WILL have a choice, and there WILL be free market and competition, and if the insurer's fail, tough shit, do a better job and make a better deal than the competition" ... if it get's into a gridlock .. so be it ... then nothing get's done, plain and simple, and press it again and again and again, until we get what the Hell is fair ... period! If insurer's threaten to abandon us or any of their affiliate's ... good! let them walk ... go to some other goddamn country to sell your bullshit, see if France will tolerate your shit or Canada, or even Mexico ... they wont!

Who twist's our arm's to shop at the largest retailer in the world? or twist's our arm's to do our banking with the biggest "too big to fail" banker's of the world? I mean, on shit like petro/ gas for our vehicle's, we dont have many alternative's/ choice's, but we dont focus at all on alternative's/ choice's either. We are the one's who choose to support and embrace all these icon's. Who choose's to take out multiple mortgage's on a property/ house and get deeper and deeper into debt? Who choose's to live beyond our mean's and recklessly spend? Why do we look at only left and right, and let that way of thought dominate us, without looking at the entire picture? Why do we even value and support leader's who dont even value us or our families? Why do we get so bent out of shape over the most stupid shit, like who the Smith's or Jones's down the street sleep with or do in the privacy of their home, or stupidity shit like worrying if same sex couple's marry, when we say that God will punish them? I mean ... dont we have enough to do and work on, than having to worry about doing God's job too!

Our politician's are simply a reflection of us and what we CHOOSE ... if what we have does NOT work in adequate given time and do a satisfactory job ... you treat it like we are treated ... you get rid of them and hire someone else, if you want to minimize our occupation in some of these foreign land's and war's ... you vote against it and do everything you can to disaffiliate your support. If you want to stop supporting these too big to fail entities, STOP doing business with them, period, dont accept their offer's, their financing, or any other damn thing ... shut them off, like they shut you off, and forget them as if they dont exist anymore, there are a mass of other businesses and service's to choose from. If we dont want our social service's and thing's like Medicare or Social Security touched ... hammer the shit out of these rep's ... and just tell them .... "NO, it's out of the question!, Ya'll chose to serve us, NOT the other way around!", turn your back's on them as they have done on you. These war's and endless occupation ... tell them their spending is limited and you will no longer support any of it, these countries, will get their own internal issue's ironed out over time or die trying, and some will also get what they so much want ... for us to get the Hell out of their business and affair's!

Why do we lack confidence and curl up in fear over word's and those who are nothing more than flesh, blood, and bone like the rest of us? I said I would support this President and vote for him again, and his party, and the only way I would not, is if he done something drastic enough to show he should be not supported no longer, that doest mean if I do that, I would vote for the more evil of the two which are the Republican's or some Tea Bag puppet freak ... oh ... I will still vote, but none of them, rest assured ... if my vote get's wasted, so be it, I WILL NOT tolerate incompetence ... PERIOD, or pay for it, support it, etc. And the Democrat's better get their shit together and tell the President wassup and what is on the table ... fuck the compromising, sweet talk, and the rest of the garbage ... this whole thing has been a one- way street with the GOP calling all the shot's ... revolt against it, and tell them what the deal's are going to be ... and all the real shit that need's to be cut as far as budget's/ spending, including those at the top equally, and especially all this spending in the political circle's, high living on our money, etc. Turn them off like a goddamn light switch and utilize the tool's you have! Hell NO, we dont need to cut SSI, medicare, food stamp's, close school's, shut down government building's like they done in Minnesota, etc, etc ... Ya'll's asses need to cut in Washington on your endless living large and spending, talk about sending human's to Mars now, and other nonsensical shit in these time's, send a goddamn robot, and watch the shit on YouTube, or let Bank of America or Exxon/ Mobil pay for that nonsensical shit! ... and foreign spending goes to the bottom of the stack ... period!

For those who passively sit and whine saying ... "Oh No ... it's not that easy ... you dont understand, so and so said this, the poll's say this, the analysis say's this ...", or other passive nauseating talk ... How in Hell do ya'll know when you never attempted to "try" to begin with?


Word Out!



BBC said...

Howdy Billy ... I have seen you around on blog's commenting ... and been going through some of your stuff ... I got to say ... I like your blog! :)

Well, I'm real and hide behind nothing, and in the faces, that's about as real as it gets on the Internut.

As for our crisis, I've decided that we can't fix this mess with blogs. What always changes things and brings about social improvements?

Sadly, wars, do you have any extra bombs I can borrow?

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as being real and not hiding behind shit ... actually I admire that ... one of the thing's that is disappointing since I been online for 3 year's, is some of the fictional hiding parasitic pussies you find, which I would love the opportunity at time's to see face to face, on the street ... I loathe f'n coward's as much as a f'n snitch or busy body. I see this blog/ internet as a good way to get point's out and awareness as to the condition, and nature through action/ reaction will take it's course, you just have to be careful of what you view and how you take it ... I feel in the next few year's, they will monitor and regulate the shit out of this as well ... they already track, snoop, and pry the shit out of everything on here, there's not a f'n thing personal about it, just as email. This whole social network thing has been a threat to those who dictate and they know it, and is why they also use it too as a tool for their BS propaganda.

Bomb's? ... Never seen one in my life ...

Thanx for your visit Billy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Let me add also here Billy and to anyone that read's this ... Oddly (as I have mentioned before), we know what the problem's are, we know how to move forward, and the American people have MORE TOOL's in this day to move forward and climb out of this, that we frankly dont even need to do it with a shred of violence or war ... THAT IS HOW CLEAR AND SIMPLE this can be resolved ... we can be so blind and not even realize it ....